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Epées & Sorcellerie

E&S est un rétroclone d'OD&D (Original Dungeons & Dragons) matiné de Chainmail, pour la première fois en français. Ce site héberge toujours les versions de travail, mais la version ubliée peut être trouvé ici (téléchargement gratuit, version papier payante) :

Searchers of the Unknown

A very minimalist way to play D&D, using oldschool modules stats blocks only. Download here

Material for Labyrinth Lord 

Creatures from Unknown Lands

A 32-pages booklet with more than 140 creatures for Labyrinth Lord and the classic line of RPG's, from low to very high levels.

Keep on the Borderlands

Here's an hexmap for Kotb. 

The chaotic caves, release II

Heroes of a mythic age

A work-in-progress currently on Labyrinth Lord forum, to provide a no-level orption for those who likes to play in low-level games only. You can find the current file here.

Weapon masteries for Labyrinth Lord

Here's a system of weapon masteries than can be used with Labyrinth Lord. It's a part of the 'Mentzer style project'.

Cloak and Daggers for Labyrinth Lord

This set of rules is an add-on for Labyrinth Lord.  It has been designed  to recreates the ambiance of Cloak & Daggers style, with fencing rules and minor changes in the system of magic, in order to fit the low magic mood. It could be easily used for any setting and fit perfectly to classical sword & sorcery. It has been written in english by a non-native english speaker, so I apologize for any faults. I thanks Random, for all corrections he made; any fault left is mine. You can downland it on pdf format on the bottom of this page.

The five Spheres of Magic

I always been fond of Frank Mentzer work and its rules for D&D. I drafted several parts of what I hope to see becoming a kind of retroclone. Here's a draft version of spell list, based on Labyrinth Lord, classed by five spheres (Death, Energy, Nature, Spirit, Time). I hope it could be usefull for other or similar projects.

Material of Od&d

Price list

A price list for practical purpose here.

A useful ressource for studies.

Material for Ad&d

Who dwell there? Crossing the Frequency and % in lair stats leads to unexpected results...

The Eastern realms, an old-school world setting

Queendom of Malka
A small Melrosian queendom claming to be the Holy Land of the Law, Malka endangered by court intrigues.

The first crusader realm, Caliburn, is strongly divided between the westerners landlord and the local people, worhshiping pagan gods.

The Gymarayyan tribes build their own civilization, keeping some of their nomadic customs and taking some of the Cynodean empire and the stranges Jackal-headed men.

The Twin realms

The small kingdoms of Friedreich and Sylvanheim are called the twin realms, sharing the same faith for the Wylenian schism and struggling against each other.


A land of black men, elves, chamaleon-men and gnomes travelling in sandships, the kingdom of Waati is ruled by a council of so-called wizard, following the Way of the Inner Truth.


A land of dark elves, Meharakasia is a place of intrigues and dark sorcery, where the three black panther-women deities are using their thugs against the rise of Law.


The former cynodean port allied the Melrosian crusaders and became the duchy of Ostrakon, rooted in intrigues, masked sects and trade.


A former Cynodean fort conquered by the Melrosian Crusaders, threatened by by worshippers of the Lizard God, Forteneri has become a town for artists and traders.


A decadent Empire where the ancient cult of the Triad is collapsing face to the horned-god SHarrukin and the nomads beast cults, where lands turns to deserts and towns crumbles in ruins and intrigues. Cynodea will soon be a forgotten land of Lost cities.

The Queendom of Harven could be the happiest eever, but has trouble with the cult of Osrik, the one-hundred eyed God.

This female-dominated country in a pulp & sorcery mood is a tribute  to the famous unpublished firts version of B3. Welcome in Kudala....

A little keep in the bordelands became the small town of Castel after being sized by the Melrosian Crusaders and face the Caldron of Chaos.

This Indian / Tibetan mood country has been inspired by the famous B1 In search of the unknown. Quasqetuk is  another part of the Borderlands world setting, a small and moutainous kingdom with a divine monarchy.


This text is the first part of a Bordelands world setting for old-school gaming. It has been inspired by Tom Moldway's Red Box scenario example, but doesn't need it to play. More countries will come soon. Rodentia is a merchant city and the center of the famous Rat-God.