Club Information

The WizardHogs Soccer Club is run by all volunteers who always have the kids best intrest in mind. We try to keep all costs reasonable and strive to make sure all of our coaches players and parents put sportsmanship first. We currently play in the GAASA league which is made up of top level teams in the North Ohio Area.

Club President Kevin Zagray

Vice President : Chip Jackson
                   Secretary: Karen Andrews
                   Treasurer: Steve Young
                   Club Director: Will Evans
                   Coaching Coordinators: Adrian Tovar & Kevin Zagray
                   Registrar: Kim Neff
                   Field Coordinator: Chip Jackson
                   Webmaster: Chip Jackson
                   Equipment Coordinators: Kevin Zagray & Chip Jackson
                   Uniform Coordinators: Joe Laure & Kevin Zagray


Chip Jackson

Coaching Experience 
- Coaching youth teams at various levels for over 10 years
- Guest coach with Louisville High school goalies for 2 season
- Currently holds E level state license

Playing Experience
- Participated in The Ohio Olympic Development Program program (U14,U16,U18)
- 3 year letter man at Madison Comprehensive High School(1st 3 years that the team existed)
- Starting goalie for Ledierkranz Soccer Club.State level team U10,U12,U14,U16
- Selected to try out for the USA Olympic Team
- Forward/Goalie for Mount Union College 1990-1993
- Currently plays in several Adult Leagues in the area
- Likes Reece Cups

Adrianne Tovar 
- International Coach who has played and coached in Mexico

Kevin Zagray
-Canton South soccer association (1998-2004) coach
-ACSC (2008) coach
-Community soccer club(2009)coach
- Wizard Hog Soccer Club (2010-present)
                  - Fall 2010 greater stark u10 runner-up (head coach)
                  - Spring 2011 tri- county elite u10 runner -up (assistant coach)
                  - Fall 2011 tri- county elite u12 runner-up (assistant coach)
                  - Fall 2012 tri- county elite u12 champions (assistant coach)
                  - Fall 2012 tri- county elite u10 runner -up (coach)
                  - Winter 2012 sport zone indoor champions (coach)
                  - 2012 Madison invitational u10 runner-up (coach)
                  - 2012 record 40-2-1 (u10 team/ coach)
                  - Winter 2013 Hall of Fame indoor champions (coach)
                  - 2013 Madison invitational u11 runner-up (coach)
                  - Fall 2013 u14 GAASA play-offs ( assistant coach)
                  - spring 2014 GAASA u11 regular season champions(u11 /coach)
                  - fall 2014 tri- county elite runner- up (assistant coach)
                  - fall 2014 GAASA girls u12 regular season /play-off champions (assistant coach)
Playing experience 
         - Glen Oak high school 1983-1987 (3 year letterman)
         - 1984 u16 national team tri-out  north east region ( third round invite)
         - 1990 Lake Erie League (Croatia club)
         - hung up cleats in 2014 

Snickers are better!

Steve Young

John Confalone
- Coached with ACSC and Wizard Hogs since 2010
- Actively plays in various adult soccer leagues
- Dedicated to the the development of youth soccer


Where We Practice

12333 Atwater Ave NE