Wizard-Blocks Tower (WBT)



This is a Fun High Altitude Balloon project where you get the opportunity to send a school experiment 30+ Km into the near space. This project will teach you how to do a proper science project while you build a small satellite like vessel and plan for lunch day. 

The Wizard-Blocks Tower (WBT) is a staggered tower that  is programmable, for educational CPU training for kids. Building the WBT must be a fun learning experience. The idea is to make it possible for anyone to build and program the WBT. You will need some knowledge of electronics to understand the working of the components on the blocks and therefore we recommend that you work through the basic Electronics module before you start with your WBT. If the Wizard-Blocks is designed correct you should be able to stack them into any order on the tower. The 2 basic blocks that you need to build on is the Power Supply Block and the CPU Block 



Space week Program 2016 

Click hear to see the progtam

See video BACAR 4 

BACAR 4 Flight Results

Educating and Fun Opportunity’s
The project for school students is divided     into 7 development arias. There is also 3     fun experience’s into these sections             named “Try It”,” Fly It’ and “Analyze It”

    Learning will take place in the                 following study areas:

  • Project development
  • Radio communication Basics Electronics
  • Micro controller programming
  • Analytical skills
  • Report writing

    Program modules :

  • Basic Electronics
  • Digital Electronics
  • Soldering Skills
  • Micro Computer & Sensors
  • Micro Computer Programming
  • Radio Electronics
  • Study Earths Atmosphere
Get the Full Program and Curriculum by opening the  Wizard-BlocksTower.pdf