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Hi I am Cynthia  Yildirim you most likely came here from Twitter where I am @CynthiaY29. I would describe myself as a poet, geek, political blogger and consultant. I am a lover of life, science, computers, politics, news, technology, and art. I am intellectually curious about everything, and am an information seeker and observer. I am obsessed with the news and when at my best getting to the news first. Currently really also into IT topics and Network Security and the music I keep turning to lately has been alternative, jazz, blues, vocal standards, and classical. 

I have a great interest also in human rights, and poverty issues around the world. I am an Independent voter and care about protecting the U.S Constitution from any new changes from either political party. Times are hard in America right now, but it will get better.  

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Thank you, 

Cynthia Yildirim