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Well, it's quite simple, (not) really.

 At my house, we want to have a networked drive, where we can store all kinds of $hit, but every time we have tried to accomplish this, we end up not being able to do it. Our first, second, and third attempts were all with Ubuntu (5.10), and Samba. I had been wanting to try out Samba for quite a while, but never really gotten around to it. Until then. Configuring Samba was a royal PITA. I couldn't get the config right, or I got the config right, but no one could log into the server. The closest I came to getting it right was when I somehow managed to get samba to recognize ONE user and password, and even read and write to the drives. One problem: (Note that this server is no longer in use, and these will not help you at all in getting in to see the files)

User Name: Joy

Password: Joy

Now, it worked, but I wanted to have one user for each person, not one user. So I got another user added, somehow. But now neither person could read, write or execute the other persons files. This was simple enough, I just had to "chmod -R 777 /var/files". But I had to do that every time someone added a file. Not cool. Very not cool. I thought "CRON!!!" so I wrote a cron script. The cron script was fine, in terms of syntax, everything, I even used crontab -e to edit the file. But for some reason cron wasn't running, and nothing I did could get cron up and running. There were other problems as well with this setup, like the 2 user max (More than two people could use the server at once, but there were only two accounts), but the biggest problem was the uptime. The uptime was something like 8%. There was almost no uptime. It sucked. On a NAS, an 8% uptime is almost worse than a 0% uptime, because it means that people can put files on the server, but those files are doomed to stay there. They should have just put those files on their HD.

 This was my most recent (and most succesful) attempt to make a NAS box.

Until Now.



I wanted to design this new NAS from the ground up. Once I get this configuration up and running on my old server (Running a buggy samba/ubuntu combo), then I will upgrade the server to something a bit quieter, and more recent.

My first design involved Samba and Apache and Ubuntu 6.06. I was going to point the samba shared directory at /var/www, and use LVM to point all my harddrives mount points to /var/www. Then I could put transman on the LAMP Ubuntu server, so If I was away, I could post files to the server (assuming I put the server in the DMZ). This lasted all of about 15 minutes. Its downfall was its samba part.

My second design came after some Googling. This design consists of FreeNAS ( This is the one I am going to implement on the old server. (Simple, no?)

My third design is the one I like the best. It is a MythTV/NAS box. Why both? Because for a DVR, you want lots of storage, for a NAS, you want lots of storage. For a DVR, you want good network access, for a NAS, you want good network access. I could go on and on, but I won't; althogh I will say the one big reason for this project: Getting recordings off of a TiVo is the slowest process I have ever encountered. If I can store the recordings on a NAS, then I can retreive the recordings quickly and painlessly, and there will be more storage than I could ever need (for now) on that box. So whay not spend $100 extra and use some of that space?

Current Progress: 

July 9, 2006:

I tried to install FreeNAS. I failed. Oh well, screw BSD (for now).

I'm going to try my first idea: pointing the LVM drives, Apache, and Samba at /var/www. I hope it works, and I will start the install of  Ubuntu Server 6.06 tomorrow.