NAWS was organized by a group of philosophers during the 1999-2000 academic year and put on its first program of papers and commentaries in March of 2000.

A great many philosophers have offered encouragement and advice, but the bulk of the organizational work was done by Merrill Ring (California State University-Fullerton), Stephen Simon (Cailifornia state University-Fullerton), and Elizabeth Wolgast (California State University-East Bay).

The organization has tended to show special interest in the work of the later Wittgenstein and its relation to methods of ordinary language philosophers, since crucial issues in these areas have been and continue to be neglected. We nevertheless welcome focus on Wittgenstein's work which is different from these.

There are so far no dues required for being a member of NAWS. For that matter, there is not yet much to the concept of being a member to NAWS. Send your e-mail address. We will use the list mostly for distributing the Call for Papers each year and the program when it is finalized. If we have what we think are important announcements we may send a note to the list, but we do not anticipate doing this much. We will not make the list available to anyone beyond the program committee.