Dale Witte's Compositions
A ongoing list of all the music I've composed or arranged.  My passion is composing music for Lutheran worship.  Inquiries for commissions, sample scores, or purchasing are welcome! (updated 7/15/11)

Contact info:

51 E. Arndt St.

Fond du Lac, WI 54935


(920) 251-4490


Where to buy my music:

Northwestern Publishing House

1250 North 113th Street

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226-3284

Order: (800) 662-6022

Local: (414) 475-6600

8:00 AM to 4:30 PM weekdays

Fax: (414) 475-7684

Composition Teachers:

James Engel

Dr. Richard Hillert

Walter Pelz

Frederick Frahm

Dr. Jonathan Stahlke


Master of Church Music (1997)

Concordia, River Forest, IL

B.S. Elementary Education (1989)

Dr. Martin Luther College, New Ulm, MN

Service in God's Kingdom:

Winnebago Lutheran Academy, Fond du Lac, WI (1993-present)

Choir director: Academy Kids, Freshman Choir, Viking Choir, Traveling Choir, entire student body

Music Technology teacher

St. Paul's, Tomah, WI (1990-1993)

6th grade, senior choir, junior choir, head organist, 5th-8th grade music

Professional Memberships:

Wisconsin Choral Director's Association

American Choral Director's Association

Music Educator's National Conference

Wisconsin Music Education Association


Excellence in Teaching VIP Award -- Milwaukee School of Engineering (May 2008)


Published Works



Written in 2005 for a chapel service at Winnebago Lutheran Academy.

Sample Score (PDF)


Written for a WLA faculty meeting devotion

Sample Score (PDF)


Written for ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, broadcast Nov. 19, 2006 for the family of Matt KoepkeIt uses a phrase that Matt Koepke used to say all the time to his family, "There's a lot of things to think about, but there's nothing to worry about" and a passage for the Bible which explains why there is nothing ever to worry about: John 3:16, "For God so loved the world..."

Sample Score (PDF)The story behind the song (PDF)


SAB, piano and optional violin.

Written for the 1995 Graduating Class of WLA

Sample Score(PDF)


Written for my wedding in 1991 during a course in Ensemble Writing and Arranging at Concordia, River Forest during the sumemr of 1990. This is the first piece of music that I ever submitted for publishing and it is the first piece that I wrote that was published.  A revision of stanza four for the wedding of Josh & Becky Schermerhorn, Aug. 17, 2007 is provided below.

Sample Score (PDF)Stanza Four sample (PDF)

JESUS, GOD's GIFT TO YOU OL-180384, OL-180385

Theme song written for Judy Lauber for Faith, Fond du Lac's 2005 original K-8 Christmas Eve service

Service Sampler (PDF) cf. pp. 13-17 for this song



Christian Worship: New Service Settings   OL-033024    Responsory, Prayers, Lord’s Prayer, Gospel Canticle


Ps. 4, 23, 27, 31, 34, 91a, 91b, 121, 130, 134


Christian Worship: Occasional Services OL-033027

Psalm 2

Christian Worship: Supplement (Summer 2008)

General Verse, Agnus Dei, Ps. 3, Ps. 96 

Unpublished Works

50% of each work is provided in a PDF file.



SAB, piano, guitar, bass, drums, congregation 

Written for the WLA Viking Choir for the 2008 WLA Irish Hymn Festival

Sample Full Score (PDF)

Be Thou My Vision (2008) SLANE

SATB, brass, organ, congregation

Written for all WLA Choirs for the 2008 Irish Hymn Festival

Sample Full Score (PDF)

Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands (2007) CHRIST LAG IN TODESBANDEN

SATB, brass, timp., cym, org., congregation

First written for the senior choir of St. Paul's, Tomah, WI for the dedication of their Wicks organ rebuild (Easter, 1993).  Revised for all WLA Choirs in the 2007 WLA Hymn Festival.

Full Score Preview (PDF)

Behold a Branch is Growing (2007) ES IST EIN ROS ENTSPRUNGEN

SATB, organ, opt. concert band

Written for the WLA Student Body and Concert Band for the 2007 Christmas Concert

Full Score (SATB, Cong., & Concert Band) (PDF)

For Years on Years of Matchless Grace (2003) FOX VALLEY

SATB, organ, cong., opt. concert band

Written for the 50th Anniversary of Fox Valley Lutheran High School, Jim Neujahr, band director.

SATB & Keyboard Sketch (PDF)

The Tree of Life(2002)

SATB, organ, trumpet, snare, cong., opt. orchestra

Written for the 2002 WELS National Conference on Worship, Music, and the Arts High School Honor Choir, Dennis Marzolf, director.

SATB & Organ (preview) (PDF)


The Water of Life (2010)

Based on Rev 22:17, this was written to be the theme song of the WLA Association.  It is a verse and refrain structure, written for piano and voice (congregation can sing the refrain) with optional 2 part or SATB choir.


Based on Micah 7:7, the WLA Association theme passage for the 2008-2009 school year, "I Watch in Hope for the Lord" uses a paraphrase of Psalm 32 in its verses to become not just a song of hope, but also an alternate setting of Psalm 32 which could be used for liturgical worship.

Choral works:

O Christ, the Same (2008) LONDONDERRY AIR

SATB a cappella

Arranged for the WLA Traveling Choir for the 2008 WLA Irish Hymn Festival

Score Preview (PDF)

Alive by Death (Dec. 1998/rev. 2008) FLIGHT OF THE EARLS/CLONMEL

2-part, trumpet, opt. handbells, piano or organ

Written at the request of my brother, Pastor Daniel Witte, for a hymn text competition.  It ended up being the theme song/hymn for the 1999 WELS Christian Education Week celebration.  A new descant was added for the WLA Freshman Choir in the 2008 WLA Irish Hymn Festival.

Full Score Preview (PDF)

As I Pray, Dear Jesus, Hear Me (2008) WERDE MUNTER

I started every choir rehearsal this school year (07-08) with a Bible passage which talked about singing.  At the end of every devotion, we sang stanza three of the hymn "Speak, O Savior; I Am Listening" (CW 283).  I have always been fascinated with J.S. Bach's use of the WERDE MUNTER chorale in his Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring because he set the chorale in a triple meter rather than the duple meter most Lutherans are used to singing the hymn in.  So, I decided to combine the modern duple meter chorale with Bach's famous theme in the key of F for and easy and obvious connection with the setting of the WERDE MUNTER chorale in modern hymnals.

Score Preview (PDF)

All Night, All Day (2004)

SATB a cappella

Written for all WLA Choirs (Freshman, Viking, and Traveling) for the 2004 St. Michael and All Angels festival chapel service.

Score Preview (PDF)

A City Radiant as a Bride (2001) PHILADELPHIA

SATB, organ

Composed in commemoration for the nine years of service of my brother, Pastor Daniel A. Witte, to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Downers Grove, IL. This setting is an original hymn tune melody for the Timothy Dudley-Smith poem. (cf. Original Hymns)

Score Preview (PDF)

The Message (2000)


Written for the WLA Traveling Choir for the 2000 Christmas Concert.  

Score Preview (PDF)

Comfort, Comfort All My People (Paul Bunjes, arr. Witte) (SATB & concert band)

I Bind Unto Myself Today (K. Lee Scott, arr. Witte for SATB)

Rise, Shine, You People! (7/21/96)

Stanza Two, SAB a cappella

Composed for the 1996 WELS National Conference on Worship, Music, and the Arts (Carthage College, Kenosha, WI).  I was directing a choir for a service in that conference which introduced Marty Haugen's setting of Morning Praise.  I composed this setting for that choir, but it was not used for the conference.

Liturgical Music:

Come, Let Us Sing to the Lord (2004)

Unison, piano, flute, glockenspiel, bass guitar, & congregation

Composed for Monday morning chapel services at Winnebago Lutheran Academy in 2004, this song has become a favorite setting of mine and for the students at WLA.  I wanted to write a setting of the Venite that would invite high school students to want to come into chapel on a Monday morning and sing to worship their Lord.

Sample Score (PDF) (unison, piano, and flute)

Service of Word and Sacrament (1997)

This setting of the liturgy was written in the summer of 1997 as a requirement of the last course I took at Concordia College, River Forest, IL (now Concordia University, Chicago), Composing for Liturgical Texts.  Dr. Jonathan Stahlke was the new composition professor that summer and this was the first class I took from him.It has turned out to be one of my most beneficial classes, because it has shaped the way I think about composing music for worship.

Introit Advent 1A

I remember walking the sidewalks of CURF singing this one out.  Then I'd run to the practice rooms and write down the melody I had just sung.  Then I'd play out the accompaniment.  The introduction is a reference to J.S. Bach's Orgelbüchlein setting of Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (BWV 599) which I always want to play on the first Sunday in Advent to welcome in the Advent season. I especially like the Gloria patri on this setting.

Kyrie 2008

Following the pattern of the Agnus Dei (or did the Agnus Dei follow the pattern of the Kyrie?), each successive reptition of the text ascends by whole step to the next higher key.  Where did I get the idea?  From a Phil Collins song!


Dr. Stahlke had us compose the Gloria first because it was the piece in the liturgy which thematically joined the Agnus Dei and the Sanctus.  It also stands as the musical high point of the liturgy. Look for the musical quotes of the Agnus Dei in mm. 32-38 and the Sanctus in mm. 52-57.

Psalm 122

An Anglican chant setting of Ps. 122, the Psalm of the day for Advent 1A

Agnus Dei 1

Each successive repetition of the text ascends by whole step to the next higher key. This is achieved by ending each phrase on "la", but harmonizing the chord as the dominant of the next key.  If I remember correctly, this setting will be published in Christian Worship:Supplement (NPH, Summer 2008)

Preface, Proper Preface, Sanctus and Benedictus (preview)

Originally written starting in E, I have also transposed this starting in E flat for ease of use.  This setting provides continuous singing from the Preface (The Lord be with you...and also with you. Lift up your hearts...etc) to the end of the Benedictus (Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. 

Thank the Lord (Post-Communion Canticle)

This setting was composed on a drive from CURF to my parent's house where I was staying for the summer while working on my master's degree.  I had no time to compose when I got home because I had to work on my thesis, so I put the words on my steering wheel as I drove the streets of Chicago.  By the time I got home, I was able to sing the melody, which I promptly wrote down and set.

Lamb of God 2 (unison)

Composed for Christian Worship: Supplement (NPH, Summer 2008), this setting did not make the Supplement.  The setting I composed in 1997 did.  I still like this setting, though!

The Lord’s Prayer: Setting One (contemporary)

Composed for Compline II:Prayer at the Close of Day in July 1998, it was submitted for review, but did not make the cut.  Another setting was requested by the WELS Commission on Worshipwhich was published with the Compline II liturgy.

Gospel Response: I Am Not Ashamed (Aug. 2006)

Unison, opt. SATB, opt. piano   

Composed for the 2006-2007 WLA student body on the theme of the year (Rom. 1:16).  It was used in chapel as a response to the devotion and the student body sang the response twice in four parts, even singing a cappella!  I Am Not Ashamed became the source music for So Many Things, which was written for and performed on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for the family of Matt Koepke.

El Officio Major (2005)

El Gloria (preview)

El Kyrie (preview) 10/7/04

El Agnus Dei (preview) 10/7/04

Good Friday Response

Missionary Tim Flunker asked me to write a simple setting some of the main songs of the liturgy for his bilingual Hispanic services in Green Bay, WI.  This was a particular challenge for me because I do not speak any Spanish, so Missionary Flunker had to teach me how to speak the words of each one of these liturgical songs so that I knew how to set the accents correctly to music.

Blessed is He (Benedictus) July 2008

In process

Create in Me (Offertory) July 2008

In process

Verse of the Day for Home Missions (Is. 52:7) 9/30/97

Wedding Music:

Place Our Feet Upon the Rock (preview)(2003)

medium solo and piano

Written at the request of a former student, Scott Pollesch, for his own wedding.  He was frustrated by the lack of good wedding solo music which talked about God's love for us as the model for a husband's and wife's love for each other, so he wrote his own text based on 1 Jn 4:7-12, 1 Cor 13:4-8, and Mt 7:24-25.  Then he wrote his own melody, but he was struggling with the harmony when he contacted me for my help.  I did a little shaping of the melody to fit the harmony, but I owe a lot of credit for this wedding solo to Scott.

Love in Christ is Strong and Living(v. 4) (2007)

Flute, organ, congregation

Written for the wedding of Josh Schermerhorn and Becky Tetzloff, August 18, 2007.  Josh's sister, Maggie, is an accomplished flautist, so the flute part was written for her.  The text of verse four was written for my wedding by my wife, Renee.

Recessional (3/10/1990)

for Bb Trumpet and Organ

Composed for the wedding of David and Susan Zabel.

Recessional on Praise God from Whom All Blessing Flow


Composed for the wedding of Brad and Dianne Nommenson

Piano Music:

Every Friday chapel service at WLA during the collection of the offering I play and offertory at the piano.  I try to improvise on one of the hymns that the Association pastor chose for the service.  Through the years, some of those improvisations have stood on their own as separate compositions.

Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel (setting 3)
Chief of Sinners
Built on the Rock
Jesus Loves Me
Amazing Grace
How Firm a Foundation
Behold a Host 

This Little Light of Mine (in process)
Be Still My Soul (in process)

The following hymn-based improvisations have been recorded but not yet notated:

All Praise to You, Eternal God (CW 33)

Arise, O Christian People

Be Still My Soul (D take 2)

Blessed Jesus, at Your Word

Blest Be the Tie that Binds

Built on the Rock (Cm)

Christ Be My Leader & As With Gladness Men of Old (2 takes)

Christ Be My Leader/Be Thou Vision

Christ is Our Cornerstone 1

Christ is Our Cornerstone 2

Comfort, Comfort_What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Crown Him with Many Crowns.mp3

For the Fruit of All Creation 1.mp3

For the Fruit of All Creation 2.mp3

God Bless Our Native Land/Star Spangled Banner

Hark the Voice of Jesus Crying

How Can I Thank You, Lord (CW 460)

How Firm a Foundation (CW 416)

How Firm a Foundation 2

How Great Thou Art

I Am Trusting You, Lord Jesus

I Walk in Danger All the Way (CW 431)

If You But Trust in God to Guide You

Jesu Joy (with CW 283)

Joy to the World

Let Us Ever Walk with Jesus (CW 452)

Let Us Ever Walk with Jesus (rock)

Let Us Ever Walk with Jesus (sweet)

Lo, Many Shall Come From the East and The West (TLH 415)

Lord of Lords, the Sparkling Heavens

Lord of the Home (CW 502)

Lord of the Home 2

Lord of the Home 3

Lord, Open Now My Heart to Hear

Love Divine, All Love Excelling

Love is the Gracious Gift

May the Mind of Christ My Savior 1

May the Mind of Christ my Savior 2

May the Mind of Christ My Savior 2a.

May the Mind of Christ My Savior 3

Not Unto Us (CW 392)

Now Thank We All Our God (Bach, arr. for 3 trumpets & piano)

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

O God from God, O Light from Light

O Jesus, King of Glory (CW 94)

O Savior, Precious Savior

On Jordan's Banks (minor) #2

On Jordan's Banks (minor)

On Jordan's Banks the Baptist's Cry

Praise God from Whom All Blessing Flow

Precious Lord 1 (incomplete)

Precious Lord 2

Precious Lord Intro

Rise, O Light of Gentile Nations (CW 577)

Some Irish Hymn

Son of God Eternal Savior

Son of God, Eternal Savior (Blues)

Son of God, Eternal Savior (CW 492)

Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus

Take the World but Give Me Jesus

The Church's One Foundation

The Law of God is Good and Wise/The Law Commands and Makes Us Know

The Law of God is Good and Wise

The Wexford Carol

We All Are One in Mission (CW 566)

When All the World Was Cursed


Psalm 3 (6/23/05)

piano, solo, cong.

The organ version of this setting will be published in Christian Worship:Supplement (Summer 2008).  Frankly, I like this setting better.

Psalm 3 refrain (preview)


Psalm 16 (2001)

Festival settting for 3 trumpets, SATB, timpani, organ, and cong

Reduced setting for just organ and congregation.

Written for "His Mercy Endures Forever–The Savior in the Psalms, Lenten Kit 2002".  NPH  (out of print).  Intended for an Easter Sunday festival service.


Psalm 22 (2001)

Unison, congregation, and organ

opt. 2 oct. handbells

Written for "His Mercy Endures Forever–The Savior in the Psalms, Lenten Kit 2002".  NPH  (out of print).  Intended for a Good Friday service.


I Watch in Hope for the Lord - Psalm 32 (2008)

Written for the WLA Association schools as the theme song for the 2008-2009 school year.  Scored for piano and congregation with optional flute, brass quartet, and SATB choir.

Psalm 42 (7/4/98)


Psalm 78

Brass quintet, timpani, organ with trumpet descant

Arranged for the 75th Anniversary worship service of Winnebago Lutheran Academy.   For use with Ps. 78 from Christian Worship.


Ps.119:65-72 (letter bulletin insert) (organ & cong.)

Written for the October 1999 Wisconsin Area Lutheran Educators Conference, Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Psalm 100

Festival Setting for 3 oct. handbells, trumpet, timpani, choir, organ

Commissioned by Pastor Bill Tackmeier, Citrus Heights, CA for a paper he was giving to the AZ-CA Disctrict on Singing a New Song to the Lord.


Psalm 118 (2001)

SATB or congregation and organ

Written for "His Mercy Endures Forever–The Savior in the Psalms, Lenten Kit 2002".  NPH  (out of print).  Intended for a Maundy Thursday service.

Ps. 122 (Anglican)

Psalm 134 (metrical)

One of the settings of Ps. 134 that I submitted for consideration for the
CW: New Service Settings
night psalms.  

Psalm 150 (2005)

Reduced Setting for piano and congregation

Festival Setting for organ, brass, and congregation

Composed for inclusion in CW:Supplement.  Neither setting was selected.

Psalm 150 Holy Trinity A, B, C

Sketch for Choir and Congregation in C Major for the Hymnal Supplement.

Organ Music:

Partita on TRIUMPH (Triumphant from the Grave)

Written for composition lessons with Richard Hillert at Concordia College, River Forest, IL.  Performed for the composers recital that summer.  Hymn tune by Bruce Backer


Recessional (3/10/1990)

for Bb Trumpet and Organ

Composed for the wedding of David and Susan Zabel.

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (Recessional) LOBE DEN HERRN

Composed for the wedding of Brad and Dianne Nommenson, June 2, 1989

Intonation on ST. ANNE

Composed for Counterpoint class at DMLC.  James Engel, professor.

Original Hymn Tunes:

 You Said, Pray Thus (Vajda) YOU SAID

A City Radiant as a Bride (Dudley-Smith) PHILADELPHIA


I Hear the Savior Calling (1989)  Unnamed

An original hymn tune written for my graduating class from Dr. Martin Luther College, New Ulm, MN.  December 1989.  Text by John Lawrenz. 


Angels We Have Heard on High (in process)


Rondo in F

Written as a final project for  "Composing for Handbells" at Concordia, Mequon, WI, Arnold Sherman, instructor.

Good Christian Friends Rejoice/In Dulci Jubilo (Bach/Kihlken, arr. Witte)

Christ is Made the Sure Foundation WESTMINSTER ABBEY

Go My Children With My Blessing


Bedtime Prayers (a cappella)

Happy Birthday to You! (piano accompaniment)

Savior, When in Dust to You

2 violins, violin descant, keyboard SPANISH CHANT


Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) 2008

SATB & Piano

Arranged for SATB and piano for the WLA choirs for the Spring Concert, May 21, 2008–music on the paintings of Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Prime Suspect (A Serial Killer) Apr. 7-9, 1989

A dodecaphonic concept piece composed for Dr. Ames Anderson, DMLC, for 20th Century Music.