Testimonies & Before / Afters

Here are some of the real stars.....    Ask for my photo library when you visit me to see many more!






Debbie provides a safe and extremely supportive environment for people who want to change their lives through their diet. I've lost weight and gained friends through Debbie's groups, where she helped me shed light on the hidden reasons for my apparent inability to eat the way I wanted. She then gave me the understanding I needed to face into those challenges, and the courage to stand by my convictions and achieve my goals. She's honest, observant and empathetic, giving clients time to find their own answers and showing them how to use the tools. Thanks Debbie - you've helped me set out on a path and you continue to walk beside me all the way.   BF

Of all the diets I have tried over the years nothing has helped me more than Deb's groups. This lady is inspirational & helps you understand & change your mind set in ways you couldn't imagine before. Always there to help at anytime, nothing is too much trouble. The only down is that us ladies in Wales miss her beyond measure.    KW

I lost 5.5 stone in under a year with this plan and Debbie's support. Debbie is a very knowledgeable and a hugely warm and insightful support in weight loss and health. I can highly recommend this course with Debs....it will change your life.   GH