Coaching & Counselling

Do I really need support?    How will it benefit my weight loss?

Counselling - looks at the past to find what has lead to the current problem.

Coaching looks to the future and may never need to "dig up the past".  You set a goal and the coach / mentor helps you achieve it.

I use a combination of both to increase your self awareness and give you useful tips and techniques to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.   Your learning will help with all aspects of your life, not just the weight!

Groups - are usually up to 10 people and I prefer them to be "closed" ie. once you join a group you stay with them throughout your journey.  This allows the group to form a powerful and motivational bond.  

One to One - sometimes being overweight is caused by deeper issues such as trauma, childhood attachment issues, poor self esteem due to partner's infidelity or the intense desire to have a child.  Often these clients would prefer not to discuss such deep topics in a group and in fact, it may be detrimental for them to do so.   For these clients I would recommend one to one sessions. 

What if I don't want to talk?    Many people feel this way in the beginning and the fear of having to talk may put them off joining.   Other than telling others your name, nobody is ever forced to talk about anything.  In fact, many who have the best results are the quiet ones who do a lot of listening.  However, after a few weeks of unconditional acceptance by your group, most people lose the fear of being judged and open up quite comfortably. 

Epictitus : "People are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them."

Why different types of therapy and what do they do?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - this is loved by the NHS because it's quick, practical and direct.  CBT is about the link between your thoughts, feelings and actions. For example, if you come into to weigh and expect to lose 3 lbs but instead lose 2lbs, your thoughts may be "I'm gutted!", which leads you to feel down and angry so your action may be to go straight to the chippy and eat!    In another example, many clients have admitted going to other diet groups where they lose a pound and go straight to the chippy to celebrate!   This is irrational thinking which needs to be challenged and changed otherwise you will go into a failure cycle and never lose the weight.    I will help you to think, feel and behave in an assertive, empowering way.

Transactional Analysis - this looks at what is known as the ego states of Parent / Adult / Child.  In its most simple form, you may still be hearing the messages you received from a critical parent to "Eat everything on your plate" and now find it difficult not to finish "everything on the plate" no matter how huge it is or how full you are.     When you are ill, you may still hear a Nurturing Parent saying you need a nice piece of toast to make you feel better" when a piece of toast will sabotage your diet.  Fighting that urge may be very difficult until you learn new ways of dealing with it.

The above are the main types used in all my sessions but sometimes I will bring in useful exercises from the other therapies I have studied.   Here are examples of what we may cover: 

  • goal setting
  • self confidence & esteem
  • assertiveness
  • handling stress
  • boundaries and discipline
  • learning to say no
  • accepting feedback
  • handling disappointment
  • defensive behaviours
  • recognising and overcoming dysfunctional thinking
  • recognising and updating childhood messages
  • dealing with extreme emotions
  • dealing with difficult people
  • developing high frustration tolerance
  • lessening the effect of what others think of me
  • body image and 
  • so much more!    

You will find the sessions not only helpful with eating but in every area of your life

I offer clients who are interested Hypnotherapy where I feel it will be of particular benefit.

Because overeating is usually a symptom of a deeper cause,  I can use intuitive healing for some clients with great results.  Our bodies are very clever at telling us that it's time to deal with something and I am guided to that cause.