Wits' End offers various weight loss programs in combination with personalised, qualified support. 

If you are tired of feeling overweight, unfit, ill, lethargic and sick of your body, you are in the right place!   Wits' End was formed to help people lose weight through ketogenic diets, qualified coaching or counselling and support on a one-to-one or group basis.   Perhaps we have the right combination for you?

There are endless diet options out there, most of which may be effective whilst you are enthusiastic and committed, but very few that work for a lifetime.   When starting Wits' End, I looked for programs that would help clients lose weight quickly and safely whilst offering expert support through keeping up with the latest science, knowing each client and their circumstances personally and thoroughly, as well as offering practical coaching and counselling techniques to maximise success!

I've helped hundreds of people lose weight, some as much as 140lbs and in 2013 was featured in the South Wales Argus because my clients had lost over 359 stone (that's over 5000 lbs!) in a year.  

You are unique - so is the reason you are overweight!

Most programmes are about "eat less, move more" or "calories in versus calories out" but if it was that simple, we would not have a population with over 60% obesity and climbing!   Individuals become overweight or will overeat for a number of reasons, some medical or behavioural:

Thyroid issues      Depression
Insulin Resistance  Anxiety
Metabolic Syndrome  Lack of Stimulation
Hormone Imbalances - Post Baby and Menopause   Low Confidence & Self Esteem
Chronic Pain   Abuse 
Auto Immune Conditions  Loneliness
Leaky Gut  Grief
Stress  Guilt
Relationship Problems Shame
Demanding Work or Social Life Perfectionism
Lack of Quality Sleep Neglect as a child

A highly qualified Weight Loss professional will take a full history from you to determine all the factors that affect your weight before working with you to recommend the unique program that will work best for you.    If this is not done, you may lose weight initially but will lose motivation as the weight loss slows and enter that cycle of "I've failed again, this diet's useless, it's hopeless, I can't do it" etc etc.  You need to deal with your personal reality and circumstances at the same time as constantly changing your thoughts, feelings and behaviour to ensure you don't sabotage your hard work.   

With over 10 years experience I am able to do this and help you achieve the Awesome body and life you were meant to have.  

Wits' End was formed to inspire people to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life.    

About me:  Debbie Saunders – DHyp, CBHyp, MBSCH

Having had a wonderful, eventful but sometimes traumatic time growing up in Africa, I decided at the age of 42 to leave a very demanding, stressful career in Commodity Trading to come to the UK and change my life completely.   I spent 3 years studying Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.   The link between Psychology and Weight in particular fascinated me and I have since gone on to study to Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Transactional Analysis, NLP, Reiki, RECBT, Person Centred Therapy, Psychoanalysis and EFT.

In 2009, I put all my knowledge and experience into starting my business; the first few years were spent with the franchiser LighterLife but after a while, I felt restricted as there were clients who I believed would benefit from a more flexible approach.   I went solo and chose to work with two highly recommended, quality ketogenic programs, Certaslim and Real Meal Revolution.      I am able to tailor programs by offering a variety of diet, counselling, coaching and price options which enable me to help as many people as possible.

I do make my clients aware that I have Fibromyalgia.   Whilst working full time with this auto-immune condition can be challenging at times, it does allow me a unique empathy with those who struggle with illness, pain and chronic conditions.  When I say "I understand", I mean it.  I also believe that many medical conditions can be healed with the right diet hence I constantly research the latest science and am than able to share it with clients.   Due to my positive, determined energy, I also offer authentic hope, absolute believe, inspiration and motivation to those who want to live an awesome life. 

After all, we only have one life!  Let's live the best one we can. 

If you always do,
What you always did,
You will always get,
What you always got.