A management tool for Matrix Games' War in the Pacific

Now in Version 1.6 (as of June 23, 2009)...

How to get up and running

Follow these easy steps to get up and running with the WitPTracker:

    • Get the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from here:


You can also get it in different languages if you are so inclined, but the WitPTracker is currently only available in English.

If you have a version of the JRE already installed, ensure it is at least version 6. If not, you'll need to update it.

    • Create a folder on your hard drive. Anywhere is fine.
    • Download the WitPTracker installation archive to that folder. The archive can be downloaded from here:

WitPTracker_1_6.zip (it's a big file, so it may take a while)

The User's Guide is here (now separate to save downloading time for those who insist on not reading the manual - also a big file):

UserGuide_1_5.zip ** Still for Version 1.5; the new version will be completed later **

    • Extract the contents of the archive to the folder.
    • In that folder should now be a file called witptracker.properties (among other files). The information in this file needs to be updated depending on your environment. Edit this file using Notepad or any other text editing application (just double-clicking on the file should get you to some sort of editor).

The information you need to set is:

        • Dir: set this to be the full path of the War in the Pacific program main directory
        • GameType: set this to 0 (zero) for you vs. the AI, 1(one) for PBEM
        • Side: set this to 0 (zero) for Japan and 1 (one) for Allies
        • Password: set this to your password (only needed for PBEM)
        • SaveFile: set this to the name of the game's save file
        • SaveMode: set this to indicate where the program will look for turns, as 0 (zero) to look only in the program's "local" folder [this was how it always operated in releases prior to Release 1.4], 1 (one) to look only in the game's SAVE folder, or 2 (two) to look first in the program's "local" folder and if it's not there, to look in the game's SAVE folder.

Make sure you keep all of the information you enter between the bracket [] characters.

    • Copy the save game file to the directory.

This step is only temporary - we'll try to make it so you can load the file right from program's folder.

    • Run the program by double-clicking the WitPTracker.bat file. If you do this, however, any error messages will be lost. To see error messages (as if there will be any errors :-) ), execute the program in a command window (Start > Run... and then type cmd for the Open: item). In there, change directory to the new folder and run the program from there by entering WitPTracker.

How to use the program

Read the User's Guide that you can download above.


June 23, 2009: The latest version is now 1.6. The following problems were (hopefully) fixed:

  • Read turn hanging when no pilots have any kills
  • LCU Formation comparison and handling of device upgrades
  • Sorting issues in Base Panel and Device Panel
  • Removal of split air groups from the database after they've been recombined
  • Ship Upgrades for two months out wasn't wrapping properly around the new year
  • Assorted small stuff we probably forgot we fixed

The following features / changes have been added:

  • Sorting in all history pop-ups
  • Industry panel added columns for supply and fuel
  • Ship Production added some pop-ups
  • Alert when R&D has been accelerated
  • Alert and handling when an air group changes its maximum size
  • AV (approximate) displayed in LCU panel and LCU history
  • Export to comma-separated file for several aspects (Alerts, Devices, Device History, Airframe Production, Engine Production, LCUs, LCU History). This is from the File menu and the files are created in the "local" directory.
  • TF Panel added information on aircraft total and per-ship; new pop-up showing air groups in the TF
  • New summary tabs: LCU information, Air Group information; additional info in Naval and Pilots tabs
  • More ship classes to filter in Ship Panel
  • Filtering by aircraft type in the Air Groups panel
  • Assorted small stuff we probably forget we added

Note that databases from versions earlier than 1.5 will be automatically upgraded by the program to add new information on some of the objects (version 1.5 databases will not need to be upgraded for this release). The Minefield information is only loaded going forward for new turns.

Note that databases from versions earlier than 1.5 will be automatically upgraded by the program to add new information on some of the objects. The Minefield information is only loaded going forward for new turns.