Writing is Thinking through Strategic Inquiry (WITsi) is an approach to closing literacy skill gaps through direct instruction in writing strategies across the curriculum and embedding them in the work of inquiry teams who analyze student work to see how the strategies have landed, make adjustments, and select and design needed instructional responses.

Learn more about WITsi and how it can be implemented at your school by participating in a free webinar. Click here to leave your information if you would like to be contacted about the upcoming webinar.

WITsi is a proven method of school improvement.  Its success was documented in The Atlantic's  “The Writing Revolution” (Oct, 2012). It has been a prime turnaround strategy in NYC Renewal High Schools, as chronicled in MindShift's  "Is It Time To Go Back To Basics With Writing Instruction?" (Feb, 2017).

The writing component (WIT) improves student writing, content knowledge, oral language, reading comprehension, Regents performance, and student thinking.  It enables otherwise struggling students to meet the demands of the Common Core Learning Standards.  In combination with strategic inquiry, WIT is a powerful whole school improvement tool.

At this time we offer hands on workshops in WIT (Writing is Thinking). Participants will leave with materials for immediate classroom use that quickly yield improved writing and thinking.  Our workshops are tailored to middle and high school teachers and instructional leaders but relevant for K-6 educators as well. 

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for Professional Classroom Teachers, School Leaders and Level III Teaching Assistants.