Withington Events 2016/17

Floral displays in Withington 2016/17

At the end of October and early November 2016, Roz Brighouse and Sue Hare, along with 10 Manchester University student volunteers and Community Guardian volunteers planted 400 winter pansies and polyanthus in the planters along Wilmslow Rd, through Withington up to Fallowfield. We also planted up the Trough, tidied and litter-picked the flower bed, and planted pansies and polyanthus in the tree pits by the car park at the end of Copson Street. Ros Allen, WCS member, has now taken charge of the two planters at the corner of Parsonage, and these have been planted with the pansies and polyanthus.

Pictures below.
Flowers in Withington
Flowers in Withington
Flowers in Withington
Flowers in Withington

Christmas in Withington 2016

The annual celebration of Christmas in Withington took place on Friday 9th December 2016. This was a great success and the largest event ever with approx. 350 people attending on a warm dry evening. The event was opened by the Lord Mayor with a welcoming speech. He then turned on the Christmas lights. Sale Brass band provided the music for the community carol singing. There were splendid dance performances by young members of the Anne Finnegan Dance School, and carol singing by the "Little Withington Angels", singers and choir from the Old Moat Primary School, with Withington "Kidszone" taking part in community singing. Santa Claus arrived in spectacular style on a fire-engine from Withington Community Fire Station, with gifts for the children. Members of Withington Civic Society served festive food and drink. Withington Library stayed open late and provided activities for children. The event was closed by Cllr Rebecca Moore, and the whole event was compered and organised by Gavin White of Withington Civic Society.

Prizes were awarded for the Best-dressed Window Competition in Withington Village: Barnabus (the Most Imaginative window), Harry Boohoo Solicitors (the Most Welcoming window), Mockingbirds (the Most Festive window) and Age Concern (the Most Traditional window). Congratulations to all participants and to the winners.

Thanks to all who helped with the success of this event, including the university student volunteers led by Kirsty Hutchison, members of Withington Civic Society who served food and drink, Withington Community Fire Station for delivering Santa in spectacular style, Withington Library and the librarians for staying open, providing furniture and activities for children, our local MP, Jeff Smith M.P. and the local councillors who attended, MCC for providing the lighting engineer, Debbie Hey and Rita Whitehead for organising the Best-dressed Window Competition, and Gavin White for organising the event.

The event was supported by Homes4u (electric power), Sainsburys and the Co-op (food donations), and Deco Records (sound). The event was funded by Withington Civic Society. Manchester City Council funded the Christmas Tree and lights.

Sale Brass Band accompanying 
the carol singing
"Little Withington Angels" preparing 
to sing carols
The Lord Mayor (Cllr Carl Austin-Behan) with  Jeff Smith M.P.
The Lord Mayor with our compere, 
Gavin White.
Dancers from the 
Anne Finnegan Dance School.

Santa distributing gifts to the children.
Rita Whitehead (R) and one of the student volunteer helpers.

Manchester Histories Fair Celebration Day

At the annual Celebration Day for Manchester Histories Fair on Saturday 11th June in Manchester Town Hall, Withington was represented with a stand prepared by the Heritage Group of the Civic Society. This is popular event - throughout the day we were busy with visitors, some who live in Withington, or used to, or have other connections with the area, but many from outside the area were interested in topics and items displayed on our stand.

The stand presented several different aspects of Withington history - Withington during the wars, the Withington Oral History Project (see the Project page) and the recent history of Withington's contribution to popular music, especially Factory Records.

Thanks to St. Paul's School for the loan of wartime items from their exhibition, to Claire Hunt for a WWII costume, to John Davies for the loan of items from the exhibition at St. Chad's church. Thanks especially to Nicola Clarke who planned and prepared the display, and all those who helped with the stand on Friday and Saturday.

Pictures of the event (click on pictures for enlargements):

WCS members staffing the stand: Pip Cotterill, Nicola Clarke and Rita Whitehead.

Manchester Histories Fair Celebration DayA visitor buying a copy of A walk through the history of Withington, with Simon Wheale and John Davies.
The display board: Aspects of 
Withington history.
Items on display: Wartime Withington, Oral History memoirs and contributions 
to popular music.
Some of the items on show: a WWI soldier's helmet, a civilian gas mask, Morse telegraph equipment (all on loan from St. Paul's School, Withington) together with
period sweets!
A view of the stand in the Town Hall.

Withington Action Day

The launch of the Campaign for Withington began with an Action Day on Saturday, 14th May, 2016. The day was bright and sunny and the event was a great success with many activities all aimed at improving Withington Village, promoting the Campaign and engaging local residents and organisations. See below for pictures of some of the activities. There was a real "buzz" about the day and the variety of activities in the Village was superb. 

Thanks to Gavin White and the Civic Society Action Group, to the local Manchester City Council officers, to Kirsty Hutchison and the University of Manchester student volunteers (who did sterling work), representatives from Biffa, and all who contributed to the day to make it such a success. Southway gave a generous contribution to funding the Day.

Click on pictures for enlarged images.

Withington Action Day 2016
The Withington Civic Society stand with Roger Smith (Chair) and Pip Cotterill.
Withington Action Day 2016
Gavin White (Withington Village Action Group 
Co-ordinator) helped to clean the village.
Southway's Age-Friendly stand.
Face-painting by University of Manchester 
student volunteers.
University of Manchester student volunteers teaching basic First Aid techniques.
Old Moat Primary School's stand selling plants.
Manchester Student Homes' stand.
Refreshments provided by Debbie Hey and student volunteers. Thanks to Withington Library for providing the venue.
University of Manchester student volunteers engaging with local residents.
University of Manchester student volunteers 
undertaking a survey of local attitudes.
Litter-picking with style! Rita Whitehead 
of the Civic Society.
Cllr John Leech and a young volunteer! 
Jeff Smith MP and Martin Saker 
of Manchester City Council.
Lively music was provided by Johanna Alba and friend.
It is never too young to start community work!
Volunteers from Barnabus Manchester, a charity 
which helps the homeless and socially-deprived.
Cllr Rebecca Moore and Roz Brighouse helping to renovate the area around Withington trough.
Roz Brighouse and Sue Hare working on
 the garden area around the trough.
Part of the renovated garden area.
Withington Action Day 2016
Some of the organising team and volunteers on the day.