Query: I have recently got hold of a book called 'Magic of Make-Up for the Stage' by Harald Melvill dated 1957. There is some reference inside to The Withington Players. I would like to know whether the Withington in question is Withington near to Manchester. Stuck to the inside front cover is a newspaper cutting of a cartoon called 'The Secret Tent'. It says:- "Here is an artist's impression of the Withington Players' cast in 'The Secret Tent,' which is playing this week at the Altrincham Garrick Theatre. They are left to right: George Stephenson, Gladys Tomlinson, Joan Ward, Peter Frost, Dreda Bronslow, Florence Damesick, Leslie Felthouse," There is an artist's impression of these people. Facing that are some of these people's autographs with a few others which I cannot decipher. In total 11 autographs. It is all dated January 1957.

Can you please let me know, if you do know, whether The Withington Players are still around and if not, would you know of anybody who does?

If you can help, please contact the website co-ordinator.

I hope you can help me. Thank you very much for your time. 

Stuart Cooper. 

There was once a free newspaper called the
Withington Reporter published by a volunteer group. Does anyone have memories of its production, its birth and demise? Also copies of the newspaper would be valued. 
If you can help, please contact the website co-ordinator.

Withington once had a festival of its own. If you have memories of Withington Festival, or mementos, or photographs, please contact the website co-ordinator.

The painting of Withington Baths (1983) is by R. J. Burgess. Does anyone have details of this artist? 
SOLVED: The artist has recently (September 2012) got in touch with us, having seen his painting on the website. He was surprised to see it  there, as we were to hear from him a year after putting the painting on display! He has created a collection of painting of local places and buildings, and we are talking to him about recording Withington in art.

According to a letter in the Manchester Courier October 1896, that part of Lapwing Lane between Burton Road and Palatine road was temporarily re-named Cavendish Road, following a Withington Council decision. Does any body know when the name reverted to Lapwing Lane? And was this following pressure from residents? Any responses to withingtoncivicsociety@gmail.com.
SOLVED - See South Manchester Reporter, July 21st 2011.


Does anybody have or know the whereabouts of any old photographs of the frontage pre-1962, when the pub occupied only the left-hand side of the building and was called the ‘Wellington Inn’.  Any information / photographs (strictly on loan) would be much appreciated – please contact James Bromfield 0161 – 445 5464; james.bromfield@ntlworld.com.  Thank you.