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Roger Smith, Chair of the Civic Society, is honoured 
with the Manchester "Volunteer of the Year" award

In a large ceremony in Manchester Town Hall, Roger Smith was announced as the "Volunteer of the Year" in the Manchester City Council's "Be Proud" awards for his work in founding and leading the Civic Society over many years, and for his other extensive work for Withington. The citation for his award is below. 

Congratulations to Roger from all in the Civic Society!

Student disturbance and disruption


The arrival of university students can result in some noise and disruption in the neighbourhood.


If you are disturbed by anything you consider unacceptable you can leave a message on the Neighbourhood Helpline (24 hour answerphone): Tel  (0161) 275 1863. Please give details (eg house number and street (if applicable), number of persons, time of event, what happened).  


Alternatively you can email Poppy Humphrey


It's important to report disturbances because action will be taken to prevent a repeat. This may involve a visit to noisy households from Poppy, GM Police and an Anti Social Behaviour Officer from the Council. If noise warnings are breached, further action can be taken. It's important to nip noisy outbursts in the bud because we want all residents in the community to be considerate neighbours. Reports to the helpline are treated in confidence.


You can also contact the police Telephone 101 and obtain a log reference if you feel the police need to know what is happening.


Poppy is based at an office in Manchester Student Homes in Fallowfield on the corner of Mosely Road and Wilmslow Road and you can call in and visit her if you need to. She will be in her office on Sunday Sept 15th trialling weekend opening.


Please contact me if you need any more information or support.


Best wishes


Sue Hare

Sian Astley, of Love Withington Baths, receives university award


You will hopefully have heard of the campaign to save Withington Baths from closing. You may however not know that one of our neighbours who is very involved in this campaign came runner up at the University of Manchester Volunteer of the Year Awards. Congratulations to Sian, further details of Sian's award can be found here:


We can all help support this project by becoming a friend of the Baths through the Fiver Fever Campaign to help raise the funds to keep the baths open. You can find the link here and payment can be made via a secure donation. It would be lovely for as many of us as possible to support this.


Once again many congratulations to Sian. For anyone who wants to become a Friend of Withington Baths and doesn't want to pay online, please contact or pick up a form from the Baths on Burton Road. I've added a summary below if you are not aware of what is happening with the Baths. 



Best wishes


Sue Hare

Community Guardian Coordinator

Manchester Histories Celebration event in the Town Hall: Saturday, March 29th, 2014 

The Civic Society was represented for the first time at the Manchester Histories Celebration with a superb display of Withington history created by Nicola Clarke. There were various themes: "Withington in Living Memory", "Famous people of Withington", "Old maps of the area", and "Old Moat Primary School - then and now". For the latter, we were loaned some of the first registers from the school. Thanks to Gavin White for arranging this and to the school for the loan. We also had on offer the Civic Society's newly-published A walk through the history of Withington. 

The whole event  in the Town Hall was enormously successful - the large number of stalls with a wide range of historical interests, and the large number of people attending. The Civic Society stall generated considerable interest, from people who wanted to share their memories of Withington in the past, and from those with a general interest in the history of the area. The new history booklets sold like hot-cakes! Several people even managed to find their relatives in the old school registers.

Thanks to all those who offered ideas for the displays and helped to organise the stall, and big thanks to all those who manned it during the day. 

A few pictures of the event:
Withington at the Manchester Histories Celebration
Nicola Clarke and the Civic Society stall.
Part of the display: "Withington in living memory" and "Famous people of Withington".
The stall: The new history of Withington, old maps, original registers from Old Moat school, and information leaflets.
Nicola Clarke and Charlie Bush.

Workshop on plans for Withington Village Centre: Wednesday 2nd April, 4-6pm, 2014 

[This meeting is a preliminary one for representatives of local organisations. Whilst the plans emphasis the cycleway through Withington, major changes are considered for the village centre.]

Greater Manchester recently secured £20 million of investment from the Department for Transport to make cycling safer and easier in the city region. This exciting, sustained programme of investment in cycling is called ‘Vélocity 2025. 

The aim of Vélocity 2025 is to make Manchester a city fit for the future through the delivery of the highest-quality cycling infrastructure. More people cycling more often will make the city healthier, safer and more sustainable whilst driving economic growth in the regional centre and district centres alike. Manchester City Council will deliver the ‘Corridor Cycleway’, a linear cycling route connecting the city centre/university district with Didsbury to the South. 

The route passes through three district centres: Rusholme, Fallowfield and Withington. Any changes to the infrastructure of these district centres will require careful consideration. It is therefore vital that we capture the views of key stakeholders in each area, such as yours, so that they can be incorporated into the design proposals. We’ve arranged a series of workshops which we’ll use to listen to your views and ideas to inform the design of the cycleways. We’ll then collate and analyse all the feedback we receive which will help the design team develop the proposals before full public consultation. 

We would like to invite you to a workshop to discuss Withington District Centre.  This will be held at Withington Methodist Church on Wilmslow Road on Wednesday 02 April at 4.00 - 6.00 p.m. 

To confirm your attendance please email me at or call me on 0161 219 6537. 

Community Meeting to discuss the impact of students in the area

There will be a Community Meeting to discuss the measures we have taken to promote good neighbourliness where there are large concentrations of students. The meeting will be held on Tuesday 1st April at 6pm in Room 106 at the Benzie Building, MMU. Refreshments will be provided from 6pm for a 6.30pm start. 

Manchester has always been home to a thriving student population, and with the expansion of the higher education market some local communities have experienced an increase of the student population. Over the last number of years Manchester City Council, The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Greater Manchester Police have worked together to manage issues around Manchester’s sizeable student population. The evening will be an opportunity for local community group residents to review and help develop the measures we have in place to promote positive relations in the community. We would very much like you to attend. 

 Contact Jane Watson ( by Tuesday, 25th March if you would like to attend.

Congratulations: Gavin White of the Civic Society is given 
an "Old Moat Community Champion" award at the Fun Day (28th September 2013)