Withington Civic Society is involved in various campaigns and makes representations to local and national government and to other bodies. The overall aim is to preserve and enhance the area as a place to live and work. Current issues presented here are:

MCRC/The Christie developments 

March 2014: The Christie has submitted a "
Strategic Planning Framework". This raises considerable concerns - see The Christie Neighbours website. The Civic Society response is here.

June 2012: Christies Hospital and The University of Manchester have been granted planning permission for a building adjacent to Withington Green, with surrounding landscaping. Withington Civic Society has been concerned about aspects of this development, including the absorption of the Green into the developments and the loss of its identity as a public and historic space, and the destruction of trees, Victorian villas, and the remnants of the Schill Gardens.

Here are pictures relating to the development.
Here is a collection of documents, reports and news items: