From the chairman...

Welcome to the Withington Civic Society's website.

The Society has been in existence since the 1970s and currently is very active indeed in many areas, helping to protect and enhance Withington, Ladybarn and Old Moat.

We have events throughout the year aimed at bringing Society members and the people of the area together to celebrate our heritage and the community that we share.

We are also very active in decisions which affect us all in the area, engaging with local and national government, with business and commerce, and with other local organisations to the benefit of the whole community.

You can get some idea of the range of our activities from our regular "News and Views" newsletter and from the pages of this website.

We are always in need of further help and support, so if you care about the community and the area and its future, please contact us.


Best wishes to all our members, supporters and readers.


      Roger Smith

To contact the Chairman, visit the Contacts page