General Practice Attorney in Houston, Texas

Jack E. Withem is a practicing attorney who has maintained his office in the  Houston, Texas area in the same location for over 25 years. His primary legal work is in the areas of probate, family law, and business law. Probate law includes wills, estates, and guardianships. Family law includes adoption, divorce, and child custody. Business law includes general business matters, acquisitions, business startups and litigation.

Solving your problems

We are in the business of problem prevention and problem solving. Prevention is our goal and we try to avoid the courthouse as much as possible through timely advice to clients and proper drafting of family law agreements, business documents, wills, leases, etc. Should negotiation fail and litigation or mediation be necessary, we are as aggressive as the situation and client require.

Jack E. Withem, P.C. 
 Houston TX
phone: (713) 983-9755
Email: Jack@Withem.com