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What the readers say:

"There are literally tonnes of books trying to bandwagon the success of Harry Potter but very few deliver, Gary delivers his first instalment of the Witch Grannies with a fresh enthusiasm rarely seen in the genre and now looks set to be a sharp contender. Buy this book, you won't regret it!"

"It starts with Emily and Malcolm going to visit their Grannies, on the way the train stops, the driver is missing and an other train is coming. That’s just the start of their adventure (more Emily’s then Malcolm). Soon they find out somebody has been kidnapping children and one of the witch’s is missing, they suspect foul play and so do the trees. With them one short, the children’s grannies ask Emily to become a witch and help solve who is behind this and stop them. The reader will find out soon enough who it is. This book is more an adventure then a regular mystery or one can think of it being in the genre of superheroes but with a group of witches, but for real it belongs in its own little genre."

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