Getting Started


  1. Install Minecraft Forge (follow the installation guide)
  2. Download the latest Witchery mod and place the zip into your Minecraft Mods directory

Starting Witchery

Some things that can be done to get going with the Witchery mod:
  1. Make a witches oven to cook meat, charcoal and produce other materials (ovens can be upgraded)
  2. You will need some clay jars
  3. Create some Mutandis using Mandrake root
  4. Use the Mutandis to get  Spanish Moss (tip: you need shears to harvest it)
  5. Use the Spanish moss to make some poppets
  6. Use the Mutandis to get Rowan saplings and grow Rowan trees
  7. Build an Altar
  8. Build a Distillery
  9. Make Gypsum
  10. Create some Ritual Chalk and some Golden Chalk
  11. Read Witchcraft: Circle Magic and try out some rites
  12. Build a Kettle
  13. Read the book Witchcraft: Brews & Infusions and make some Brews
  14. Build some Dream Catchers
  15. Experiment with Necromancy
  16. Upgrade your altar with a candelabra and filled chalice
  17. Create some otherwhere chalk and infernal chalk and try some more complex rites (teleporting with Waystones is fun).
  18. Make an enchanted broom
  19. Hunt a witch and acquire a witches hand
  20. Create an infusion and perform the Rite of Infusion on yourself (don't forget a Death Protection Poppet!)
  21. Summon a demon (and maybe make a deal...)
  22. Make some attractive garments, like hats, robes and slippers
  23. Try your hand at symbol magic
  24. Fight a boss of the wyld hunt
  25. Take a look into the future
  26. Mutate some animals and bind a familiar