Galaxy S9 Deals UK

Galaxy S9 Deals UK

Indeed, only the Samsung S9 range's 12MP dual-aperture rear camera system is legitimately leap-ahead new, which explains at least in part why Samsung has been so keen to push its "The Camera Reimagined" slogan in the marketing run up to the phones' release date.

Galaxy S9: Our Conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy S9 raises the bar with the camera in particular. In terms of design, we have to say it's pretty special: it has a wonderful bezel, which appears different depending on the situation and lighting. Initial tests confirm that photo enthusiasts can expect sharp and low-noise images - especially in low light.

Added to this are camera features such as super slow motion and 3D emojis, some of which are not entirely new. Users are rewarded with high performance and lots of features, including a neatly positioned fingerprint sensor.