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This is a bunch of links to a bunch of crap i am somehow involved in. Or with.

http://wishbass.com This is what makes me a living. 

http://wishnevsky.com  This is more like fun. If you can draw it, i can try to make it. 

http://stwish.livejournal.com/   Ranting and Raving, blows against all the Empires, and things that strike my fancy.

Hotrodders Journal

How to ruin perfectly good trucks, and some not so perfect

My Facebook   

Crack for word junkies


My poor orphan SF book.


Where Teresa posts her videos.

Courtney Hodges.

A real biography of a real general on a real publisher. Fooled them all. 

The Dreaded Hippie Book

This is the one that is actually selling. Get yourn today, neighbor

The Poetry Book 

The Collected Works in Chronological disorder


Cakewalk Down the Color Line" My Scandalous Revision of Blues History

Acme Thalmatics

A YA Hard fantasy for download. With Elves, Dwarves, Blimps, Millipedes, Haften, and the Global Mind, Thalmic version.


Here are the four books i have on smashwords. Two trilogies, a heretical sequel to Huck Finn and another two mysteries, 4.99 each. Such a deal

And the Class Of The Family 

Elizabeth Bear's google page. 

Yay! another web site!!!!!