Women in Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health (WISH) Associates Pledge

 We are women working in the area of sexual and reproductive health either as consultants or in organisations.

We support the South African constitutional and legal provisions underpinning sexual and reproductive health and rights, and we are working in various spaces to support implementation of and progress towards achieving the health and rights of women in this regard.  We work in spaces that mirror our society’s patriarchy and racially unjust legacy. We acknowledge that we have differences and diverse experiences influenced by our past and current struggles. We are prochoice, feminist, committed to human rights and social justice and are not hetero-normative. 

Our commitment is towards supporting the creation of a network space for the sharing of ideas and journeys; stimulating dialogue and debate; creating new leaders; building capacity in this area; and supporting or endorsing advocacy actions in relation to women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. We are also committed to supporting each other through acknowledging the need to take care of ourselves and to avoid burn out and note the at times harsh environment we work in. We may also partner in projects and share information for comment or discussion.