Seven Pillars of Sophia

Seven Pillars of Wisdom

There has been much written about the Seven Pillars of Sophia...
...including passages from Proverbs and two books that bear titles related to the Seven Pillars of Sophia, one an autobiography by T.E Lawrence and one on esoteric astrology by Dr. Douglas Baker. But search the internet for Seven Pillars of Wisdom and you will likely return over one million results, few of which will address the basic question-
What are Seven Pillars of Sophia?
They are profound facts about the nature of existence. So simple are they, that they easily fit on the back of a business card. When some people first encounter these Pillars of Ancient Wisdom they are dismissive of the Wisdom, but life experience and/or contemplation of the Pillars ultimately prove their truth and validity.
   I.  All things are filled with Life.
  II.  All Life resides within a Greater  Being.
 III.  All that exists is Divine.
 IV.  Every Thought, Word and Deed affects all that exists.
  V.  Seven is our mystic value.
 VI.  The Material Realm is Illusion.
VII. There is no Death.
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We have just begun to create this site. So please be patient as we develop it.

Shadow Priest 

Alexander, 7th Pillar of Sophia
I am a Servant of the Secret Flame:
My path is best described at Mystic.
It includes, Mystery traditions of Egyptian and Greek origins as well as Qabala, Hermetic Alchemy praxis, High Magick, Rosicrucian and Gnostic elements, all with a profound love of Nature and immanent divinity. We studied Healing and Divine integration under  Mistress Lady Patra for about a year, before she moved to Phoenix in 2002.

Presently about 1/3 of the way through a manuscript titled The Way of a Heretic, which should be ready for publishing by Beltane.

Viewed as a Priest, Elder and Fool, active in whatever local pagan community we are in, yet as a Solitary practitioner of late.

We experienced the illusion of Death during Heart surgery in 1963 and found that we wer able to capture inspiration through art at an early age. During our early years, our work was often honored by others and some was published, but these early works were destroyed by the Hells Angels in the High Desert of California over two decades ago. For almost twenty years our primary artistic endeavor was Bonsai.

As for the name...
Our mundane and public mystical names are essentially the same; we had a suspicion that our paternal grandfather was a "secret Jew," essentially a Jew who pretended to be Xtian when he emigrated from Ukraine during the Russian revolution. Years before embarking on our path, or the research for our book, one of our attorneys who is Jewish and whose family originates in the same general area as Ukraine (Southern Poland), informed us that the second part of our last name was the equivalent of Jacob, (yakob, phonetically). We later learned in our studies that the meaning the the name Jacob is Pillar and that the first part of our last name Zay (pronounce Zi w/long i) was a contraction of Zayin (Zi-en), which is the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Since letters also represent numbers in Hebrew, our last name literally means 7th Pillar.
So, our mystic name: Alexander, 7th Pillar of Sophia, reflects the hidden meaning of our mundane name. And Sophia? Whose name means wisdom? Ahhh... she's the goddess we relate to best. There are 7 Pillars of Ancient Wisdom; the 7th is: "There is no Death."

As above,
So Below

Shadow Priest