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I have decided to use this mainly as a links page.

I don't intend on adding to this post regularily. Don't blame me for dead links. I have put the link which I have found to be dead in a slightly different shade.

The reason there are a lot of dead links is because this is a list I started years ago when I was still in high school. If the link is white/grey and not turquoise/teal/cyan (what's the difference?), then it means I haven't reviewed if it is still active or not.


Common Sense Survival Guides (dead link) - This link was dead last time I checked

shoal haven hunting club (dead link) - This link was dead last time I checked

US army field manual on survival (dead link) - This link was dead last time I checked (doesn’t work anymore but…)

Wilderness Survival - based on U.S. Army Field Manual 21-76

Beyond the Holocaust: Survival or Extinction? – not really a survival manual more on human nature (dead link) – Australian sites (alternative). This link was dead last time I checked

SurvivalIQ - Wilderness Survival Handbook - survivalIQ handbook

Programming (dead link) - A dead link

Visual Basic Code at - free coding (Visual Basic)

Programming (security)

NewOrder - computer security and networking portal - good site (dead link) - underground search engine. This link was dead last time I checked.

Cryptography (access denied) - some links. Access Denied last time I checked. (dead link) – good one, lots of info. Almost a short book. Unfortunately despite that glowing review it was a dead link last time I checked.

ssh communications security – interesting, good

International Cryptography Freedom – links


The SPAG Game Reviews - game review site with links

rgb-game - worm creatures eat resources. Fun, but watch your dowload limit (if you have one).

John's Jumping Arcade! - java games online (can’t download though)

Java Boutique - java boutique lots & lots of stuff, pretty good, smallish files

Freeware Games - freeware games site

ZDNet - freeware and trials and other stuff (pretty good). Also has interesting articles. (dead link) - Dead link last time I checked (dead link) - great, but limited games available. Another dead link. - excellent! Can filter results. Not just for games either.

Free Oldies, the abandonware search engine - abandonware

Goriya - small freeware files and online games.

Republic - a very fun MMPOG. Online browser based/text based game.

Jennifer Government: NationStates - Another fun game.

Funny Stuff

A Frog's Future

The Dangers of Bread


Just Riddles and More...!

MISCELLANEOUS HUMOUR - Miscellaneous and computer humour. Good stuff. - insults

RinkWorks - check out fun with words. (dead link) - Atigre's Ezine Humor Page. Another dead link. - Funny pics, pictures, cartoons

The Funny Pages

Office and Employment humour (not the main site)

Sick'n'Soft - fun/scary programs to download - good things to attach to e-mails. Includes programs and cartoons. (I don't know if my old review is accurate...)

Cool Downloads - cool downloads

Shut down the Internet - turn off the Internet (useless & could scare unsuspecting). - click ok HEAPS of times (er, I'm not going to test this site to see if it's still active)

Alcyone Systems - Doing something or other with things and stuff on the Internet since 1995.

Structured Procrastination - An essay on structured procrastination.

See-through Loo - would you use this public toilet?

Good sites for computer research

History of Computing Information - a bunch of links



Geoscience Australia - government site

the Turing test and intelligence

9.3 Motors - 9.3 motors & generators. Used as a reference for HSC Physics. (dead link) - similar links as above link. It's a dead link.


Aldous Huxley: Brave New World - Analysis of the book (Brave New World) and a breakdown of its social themes in defense of paradise-engineering.

Books (and online reading material) - FREE Computer & Internet Online Books (NOT ANYMORE!)

The Online Books Page

The National Academies Press Home Page - Read more than 3 000 books online free. - it has IPT textbook answers!

Baen Free Library - sci-fi, free books (dead link)

Project Gutenberg - Free electronic books that are out of copyright / are in the public domain.

ibiblio - the public's library and digital archive

FREE eBooks and Best Sites

eBooks@Adelaide: Free Web Books, Online - free downloadable ebooks at Adelaide – good format! (blank) - list (this page is blank)

Free Books 5000 - free books to download. Very in your face advertising of the product.

Page By Page Books - online reading. Read classic books online for free.

NLP-book - small amount of free books related to neurolinguistic programming

Steve's Primer of Practical Persuasion and Influence 

The eBook Directory - "The Biggest Directory of Free eBooks Online!"

Persuasion and Brainwashing Techniques - persuasion and brainwashing techniques. Very intersting article.


Tell your friends about 0catch

Choosing a Good Password - How to choose a good password (dead link) - US army manuals & stuff. Another dead link.

Australasian Legal Information Institute - Very useful. Good for looking up Aussie laws and stuff like that.

AT&T Labs Text-to-Speech: Demo - online speech generator. Rather amusing.

Internet Public Library - Internet public library – not just books

Coshe Essay Database - free essays Global Media Search Engine - MP3s (dead link) - msn beta 6. It's a dead link, but why would you want a beta of MSN 6 anyway? That is so outdated!

MSN Tools - stuff for MSN. This site was rather outdated.

3D Wallpapers UK - as the name suggests. Pretty good. - creepy pics, includes animated ones

Rape Of The Mind - makes references to hypnosis, but not really related. Kinda conspiracy type stuff. - has the feel of propaganda, yet interesting.

Morse Code and Phonetic Alphabets - has a morse code translator

Puzzles - great site with lots of different puzzles.

Is Sexual Orientation Fixed at Birth? - On the NARTH website. The NARTH website focuses on the treatment of homosexuals.

Handheld Bleep Test - beep test, includes download.

Complexity, Complex Systems & Chaos Theory - links on Complexity, Complex Systems & Chaos Theory Organizations as Self-Adaptive Complex Systems. Good stuff. - an article supporting eugenics. - got the above article from this site. - Has a democracy rank. U.S.A is NOT the most free country in the world.

Self-Improvement - excellent site! I highly recommend it.

Procrastination, time wasting and stuff like that. - procrastination types, and how to stop - another interesting good one on procrastination - Slacking for dummies. Check out the main site for more interesting stuff. - department of procrastination, lol

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) - includes hypnosis, NLP and Personal Power. Includes an online hypnosis tutorial. Excellent site. - NLP FAQ - excellent. - some interesting basic articles. - check out the articles. Includes hypnosis. Annoying music plays. - good site, interesting exercises (there are 2). - lots of links to NLP and hypnosis (a few don't work). - check out the links section.

Hypnosis (related to NLP) - excellent FAQ, although there are apparently a few controversial answers "Others may have DIFFERING OPINIONS to the same questions presented here, which might also be valid from their viewpoints " - stage hypnosis FAQ (note URL compared to above) - self-hypnosis FAQ (note URL compared to above) - skeptic's dictionary - small site - "Hypnomation is designed an an [sic] archive of information about hypnosis, psychology, and the mind in general." - article - another hypnosis FAQ - short hypnosis FAQ - graphic rich, lots of selling. - good leads to hypnotism - some very interesting articles


This is one of our goats. Her name is Dolly.

Notice I put a copyright symbol on it. I would rather you didn't use this photo (without my permission). It probably won't stay here for long as I am just using it to make the page seem slightly more interesting. Enjoy it while you can.