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From Hell to Marion County,
By Mary Yarbrough Dean


For those who love the South and for those who love reading about it. 


 Local Author, Mary Yarbrough Dean
From Hell to Marion county
A novel by Mary Yarbrough Dean, is a story of war and peace, despair and hope, drudgery and excitement.  Most of all, it is a story of love and bittersweet revenge.
Wealthy plantation owner and Confederate Captain Matthew Kendall loses everything in the war except his best friend and former slave, Lum.  Together, they leave  the ruins of his Georgia plantation to make a new start in the land of the Silver Spring, where he was told the water is so clear that you can see a pebble sixty feet below the surface.  There he finds exciting and sometimes hilarious adventures as he stumbles through the confusing emotions of, new found love.
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