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Where to Find Honey Mushrooms

Honey mushrooms grow in a great variety of places and around many trees. I seem to find the most around the Beech tree.

This photo is how a Beech tree looks in the summer time. They are one of the easiest trees to identify having almost no texture on the bark.


Notice the lack of texture. The bark is a grey almost silver in color and can be identified from quite a distance.If you can find a wood lot that has been logged this is a good place to look not only for Honeys but most other mushrooms.

The leaves of the Beech take a long time for them to fall off often remaining on the tree until spring
. This makes them easy to spot when all the other trees have dropped there's.

Take note of this photo and notice the Beech tree stump. I look for and usually find Honey's growing around them. You can find them growing around other types of stumps also but I almost always find them around Beech stumps. You may find them around the bases of living Beech trees especially if there is some scaring or decay starting. Look around older trees like this one.

This is what the leaves looks like in autumn to spring.

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American Beech

lack of bark texture

leaves remain

look for cut Beech tree stumps

Beech leaves