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The Honey mushroom is very common to Wisconsin and can be found around stumps, dead trees, and even growing out of scars of living trees. They favor Beech trees. If you ever heard someone say they found some Buttons they are talking about Honey mushrooms.

Some caution should be taken not to confuse the Honey with the young Jack O Lantern. See photos at bottom of page.

I placed these photos in sequence so you can see the progression during their growth. The first image is when they are called Buttons. They are just starting their growth cycle.

Notice the heads are now starting to open. I would still call these Buttons and in very good years I will only pick them at this stage. Pick in a good year and you can fill bushel baskets full of them.

This is the mid growth stage. They are still very good to pick and eat.

Near the end of their growth cycle. Still OK to pick but I would use these to parboil and then can or add to gravies and sauces.

This is the end. I would have to be desperate to pick these but as long as they are not rotting they can be eaten at this stage.

When both the Honey and Jack O lantern are young they do resemble each other so study both so you can easily tell the difference.
Best time Autumn  

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Where to Find Them

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button stage

heads starting to open

still good to pick

near the end

the end