This site is intended for those of you who are interested in taking up the hobby of wild mushroom hunting and have little or no experience. I have been hunting wild mushrooms for 25 years and will share my knowledge and that of other experienced hunters. I intend to make this site as simple and basic as possible. I will try to focus more on places to look for them than the mushroom itself. There is allot of useful information on the internet and I encourage you to study mushrooms thoroughly before you attempt to eat any. I will also refrain from using the Latin names, just common names only.

This site is a work in progress and I will gladly take photos, stories or advice from beginners to advanced hunters to help me make this website better. To respond to this website send email to:

The hardest part getting started in mushroom hunting is, of course, where do I look?  Keep this in mind when you are hunting. Look for dead, dying, rotting, downed or injured trees and even wood piles. Mushrooms are a fungus and thrive on decaying wood or roots.

I will give you some ideas where to start and most important what trees to look for. Most mushrooms are associated with certain trees. I have posted photos of these trees and how to identify them.

I will only post very common and easily identified edible mushrooms with a few poisonous and deadly varieties that are common to Wisconsin.

Although mushrooms can be found spring to late fall in Wisconsin, late summer to early fall is by far the best time of year to find them. You will find the most varieties growing then.

I will give you the best times to look for each mushroom I post.

And, as always, only eat what you are sure of. If you find some on your own please have an experienced hunter check them before you eat them.

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These are the mushrooms currently on this site