Green Bay's HSPD

All events associated with Green Bay's HSPD Camp will be in The Don Hutson Center, which can be accessed via South Oneida Street.  All participants should eat a lunch before coming to camp, and a dinner/snack will be provided at the end of the camp.  Please go to the Required Forms page for more details on how to register.  Be sure to get the forms to me soon, so adequate planning can take place for another great season of HSPD Camps!

What Do Athletes Need To Bring?
  • Helmet, Shoulder-pads & Mouth-guard: you will need to get this from your HS coach.
  • Cleats
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing
  • Attitude to have fun and learn
*The WIAA allows schools to issue equipment during the summer.  It must be returned to the school before the season starts and reissued.  Reconditioning of equipment after a camp is a school's decision.

Camp Schedule
June 15th
The Don Hutson Center
12pm - Registration/Check-in
12:30pm - Camp Meeting
12:45pm - National Guard Presentation
1:45pm - Transition
2pm - Stretch/Flex
2:15pm - Practice 1 (Black on O, White on D)
3:15pm - Guard Breakout Session / Break
3:45pm - Practice 2 (Black on D, White on O)
4:45pm - 7-on-7 Team Organizational Period / Lineman Challenge Explanation
5:15pm - 7-on-7 Games / Lineman Challenge
5:45pm - Camp Meeting
5:50pm - Dinner to go (provided by National Guard)

June 16th
The Don Hutson Center
12pm - Check-in
12:30pm - Camp Meeting
12:45pm - Stretch/Flex
1pm - Practice 3 (Black on O, White on D)
1:30pm - Transition
1:35pm - Practice 4 (Black on D, White on O)
2:05pm - Guard Breakout Session / Break
2:35pm - 7-on-7 Team Organizational Period / Lineman Challenge Review/Setup
2:50pm - 7-on-7 Games
3:50pm - Guard Breakout Session
4:05pm - Camp Meeting / Awards Presentation / 7-on-7 Team Selection
4:35pm - Dinner to go (provided by National Guard)

**We will be selecting 12 players from this camp to compete in Green Bay's Regional 7-on-7 Tourney on June 22nd.
Check out the video in the Media Gallery.

By clicking the arrow on the map below, you can then click "Directions" from the pop-up menu.  This will bring you to The Don Hutson Center.

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