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State Contest Info

Send contest fees to:

Nicole Nelson
PO Box 935; East Troy, WI 53120

Make checks payable to:  WAAE-CDE

Contest Times and Locations

 Parking on the UW-Madison campus:
UW-Madison Transportation Services strongly encourages schools to purchase parking in advance to guarantee parking for their vehicles during large events. You may purchase a daily or half-day permit ahead of time. Order using the value permit order form or by calling Special Events at (608) 262-8683. Please allow two weeks for processing.
For more information and parking options, see the Visitor Parking page on the UW-Madison Transportation Services website.
School buses are not allowed to park on campus for this event.  Consider signing up to use your bus to transport kids between contests: your chapter gets paid and you don’t have to worry about parking.  Otherwise bus drivers are encouraged to relocate to theWest Towne Mall parking lot and wait until pick-up time.  School buses parked on the UW-Madison campus may be issued citations

Registration Instructions     Registration closes Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at midnight

Proper attire for CDE - Some contests require Official Dress, some like Meats, require a hard hat and lab coat and there are contests that require safety glasses or specialty gloves. 

But also this is an FFA event and participants MUST dress appropriately!  These students represent their schools, their parents as well as the entire FFA organization. This is a great opportunity for members to wear FFA shirts.  It IS NOT a place to wear clothing depicting any insensitive, social or political messages.  Students wearing extremely short shorts, cut off t-shirts, etc. might be okay at the beach…it IS NOT acceptable at an FFA event.   

Part of our job as adults is to set the tone for what is acceptable. I suggest you set some Chapter rules so all your students understand.  If students are deemed to be dressed inappropriately at any FFA competition, they will be ineligible to participate in the competition.  We appreciate your cooperation.