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Welcome to the Wisconsin FFA CDE Page

A Career Development Event (CDE) is basically a contest, based on current industry standards, where FFA members can demonstrate the knowledge and skills gained from 1) classroom instruction, 2) their SAE and 3) FFA activities.

Templates for CDE Certificates Individuals

Templates for CDE Certificates Team

Clicking on the above links will download the templates to your computer. The templates can be opened in Power Point. Go to the edit page in Power Point and you can enter your student's name and contest area. Gold teams and individuals place in the top third, silver in the middle third and bronze in the lower third.

April 26, 2019 State Contest Information

Area Contest dates for 2019:

Janesville - Friday, March 15, 2019 - Rock County Fairgrounds
UW-Platteville - Thursday, March 28, 2019
FVTC - Friday, April 5, 2019
UW-River Falls - Saturday, April 6, 2019
Wisconsin Environthon - TBD - Wisconsin Lion's Camp, Rosholt

Scan Sheet Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I enter?

Register here - Checks to WAAE and send to Nicole Nelson   PO Box 935; East Troy, WI 53120

Where do I send payments? 

Checks should be payable to: WAAE-CDE    and mailed to:

Nicole Nelson,   PO Box 935; East Troy, WI 53120

How many CDEs are there?

Including speaking contests, there are over 25 different areas. This website will deal with mainly the 17 CDEs that deal with plants and animals. I have also added the Market Plan CDE.

How many members per team?

 How do I learn about a CDE?

That’s what this website is supposed to help you with. Simply click on a CDE and you can learn about a CDE, what’s included in a contest, and how to train.


When are CDEs held?

In Wisconsin, CDEs are held in early spring. The area contests are held in March and the State contest is always the last Friday in April in Madison. The area contests are held in Janesville, UW Platteville, UW River Falls and FVTC.


What if I don’t know anything?

That’s what is great about the FFA, you can learn! You don’t need to start as an expert – you can become an expert.


Who can enter CDEs?

Any State FFA member in grades seven to twelve is eligible to compete at the State FFA Career Development Events.  State winning teams advance to the National contests, so some contestants at the National contests are just out of high school.


How many times can I enter a contest?

You can enter the same CDE each year you are eligible to compete or you can enter a different CDE.


How do I qualify for the State contest?

There are seven CDEs where teams must ‘qualify’ to compete at the State contest. These are very popular areas and there isn’t room to handle all the teams at Madison. These CDEs are: Floriculture, Dairy Cattle, Livestock, Horse, Ag Mechanics, Wildlife and Veterinary Science. Teams must 'qualify' at an area contest. Teams can try to qualify only once. Teams may be able to 'practce' at some area contests but you can try to qualify only once. All the other State CDEs are open to those teams that enter. Some contests have a space limit so teams are limited, that’s why it is important to enter early.

If my team wins the State Contest, can I do same CDE next year?

The rules say that once you win a State CDE or compete in the National Contest, you cannot come back and compete again in the same CDE.


How difficult is it to win a contest?

The teams that win CDEs generally put a lot of effort into learning the material. If you want to be successful it is suggested to start studying early. In Floriculture, there are around 200 plants to learn to ID. If you start preparing at the beginning of the school year you only have to learn two per day.


Do CDEs complement classroom instruction?

Absolutely! CDEs are great to include as part of classroom instruction or as a end of class project.


Tips for a winning team
1. Learn what's included in a CDE
2. Study the items in "Event Preparation"
3. Set up your own contest, then practice with your teammates
4. Compete in as many contests as possible
5. Stay for the results after a contest - learn from the officials
6. Set aside time in class to study your CDE
7. Start early - don't wait till last minute.