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 Stress is Killing Us:  Exploring Neurocardiology and the Heart of the Matter  

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 Our presenter is Bruce C. Wilson, MD, FACC, and President of HeartMatters.  Dr. Wilson has a long standing interest in stress and its effects on human health and performance; he has a consultative practice in cardiology, and has presented and written extensively on this topic.

                      The discussion includes:

        New ways to define stress

       The research demonstrating communication between the heart and the brain

       The long term consequences of stress and its contribution to chronic diseases  

        New techniques and technologies to interrupt the stress response immediately

        Data on the success of implementing these tools in corporate and other environments

         About our Presenter


Dr. Wilson travels extensively lecturing on the science and research of stress and easily learned tools to reduce it.   He teaches seminars to a wide variety of audiences on how to use these tools for better health and improved performance. In addition to working with health care systems and physicians, he has wide experience in the corporate world.  Dr. Wilson’s enlightening and humorous address will discuss these groundbreaking ideas and describe programs available to everyone. 


Next Meeting: January 2012. TBD