Going Google Info FAQs

Answers from the field and from CESAs Support as they surface. This area is provided as a starting place for answering questions that come up when thinking of Going Google that may not always be addressed explicitly in Google Support documentation.

Why should I buy the Chromebooks from Google instead of purchasing them outright from places like Best Buy or Amazon?

Answer May 29, 2012 provided by:
Tina Heizman
Director of Information Technology
Merton Community School District

There are a few differences between the consumer devices and the Enterprise devices that you purchase from Google.

  1. The biggest is the management piece. Only Enterprise devices are able to be managed at this point, which is important as you roll out more and more devices. The management piece allows you to push out apps from one central location, force the devices through proxies, lock them down to certain users, etc.
  2. Another difference is the battery. The consumer devices are 5-6 hours and the Enterprise devices are 8-10. We found that many schools wanted the longer battery life because it matched the school day (or perhaps even two days if a student forgets to charge).
  3. Third, is the durability of the hardware. The Enterprise device is supposed to hold up a bit better in the school environment.
  4. Fourth, is the technical support. Devices purchased through Google allows you to contact the Google Support team provided you are still using the management console.