Projects - with and without wires

...we connects it without wires 





We offer the offshore software development services to our clients. We design, implement the software projects in the multi-technologies. See our Technologies section for details. 

We offer following services in different technologies. 

  • Web Designing
  • Web Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Component Development for your business need
  • GUI application 
  • Desktop Application
  • System Services
  • Software Architecture designing
  • Software testing
  • Designing and Development of software product
  • Enterprise application
  • e-commerce solution
  • Mobile, PDA, m-commerce  solution
  • Web refractering
  • Network solutions
  • Protocol  implementation
  • Algorithm implementations
  • System Software components
         We can design the end-to-end software solution, software project or we can also design and implement the module specific to your business requirements. We also deal with the open source technology and such projects ideas are also welcome. We provide the one stop solutions to the clients reducing the development cost and time spent in understanding the requirements.