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Rexecutor | CMS | B2B | CAM | CPAS | WTA | Mutella

We have already implemented some of the creative ideas. We are pleased to tell you that we have now visualized the things which were solely the ideas few months ago. We have successfully created the projects in the different domains. We are only listing the implementations of our own ideas here. The implementation for the ideas of our clients is not included here.

Note: All the projects are continuously being upgraded to add new features, so the real projects are having more features than you see here. But we are busy in the implementation and hence cant update this site immediately. To know the latest just drop us an email at

  • Rexecutor - Remote Explorer and Command Executor

    • Features
      • Full Featured File Manager
        • Create, Rename, Delete, Copy files/folder
        • Tooltip Preview for images and Text files
        • Drag and Drop for files and Folders
        • Ajaxified and Fast tree view for folders
        • Right Click Context Menu
      • RSS Feed Reader integrated
      • Terminal for Command Execution
      • Multiple Themes Supported
      • Fully Configurable
      • Secure and reliable, Runs using https
      • Any time, any where access
      • Web 2.0 enabled
      • Universal features supported
      • Configurable Search Engines enabled
      • No need to use separate browser, FTP, telnet etc.
      • Lesser firewall configuration. Just open 443 to let it work.
  • CMS - Yet another Complaint management System

    • Features
      • Products Management
      • Modues and SubModules Supported
      • Products can be managed by Product Manager
      • Modules can be managed by Module Manager
      • Complaint Priorities
      • Complaint Types - external (can be viewed by any one), internal
      • Flow - Product Manager -> Moduke Manager -> Executive
      • Nice front end
      • User Friendly navigation
      • Complaints Search Facility
      • Complaints attachmanets
      • Administration Control and Configuration
      • Complaints/Users/Feedbacks Reporting Supported
  • B2B - Business to Business Application

    • Featues
      • Material Management
      • Stock Management
      • Sheeping Details
      • Admin based approval of MRQ ( Material requisition)
      • Uniform Administration Interface
      • MRQ->STN->GRN cycle supported
      • Reduction in the Processing time
      • Paperless Handling
      • Fast and Reliable Transaction
      • Online support
      • PDF/XML exporting supported
  • CAM - realtime J2ME application

    • Features
      • Capture Image from the Cell phone and upload to server
      • Configurable upload timing
      • Authentication based access
      • Very light to be installed on the Cell phone
      • Uses CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 2.0 which is widely supported
      • Web front end to see and manage uploaded images
      • Can upload image, audio clip or Video clip
      • Reporter/ Journalist can capture the event using the cellphone
      • No need to store it on the cell phone
      • Anytime anywhere accesiblity
      • Nice J2ME User Interface to use it.
  • CPAS - College Process Automation System

    • Features
      • Central Way of managing college activities
      • Modules
        • Canteen
        • Office
        • Course
        • Hostel
        • Library
      • Roles
        • Student - Central role
        • Admin - Control Role
        • SectionAdmin - Section Control
        • Staff - Section Staff
      • Role based view and interaction
      • Syllabus, Subjects, Schedule
      • Forms/applications
      • Books management - Search, Issue, Collect, Demand
      • Fees and dues management
      • Student search, Room search
  • WTA - WML (wireless) technology application

    This project is live and can be accessed from here.

    • Features
      • Web front-end
      • WML (Mobile) Front end
      • JSP and Servlets based processing
      • Multiple themes supported
      • SMS interactivity
  • Mutella - J2ME Implemetation of GNUTELLA Client

    • Features
      • Pure J2ME implementation of Gnutella
      • Search functionality
      • IP:Port direct connect
      • Download functionality