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An Offshore Software Development

News... [06th April 2007]
  • Mobile P2P - first j2me based p2p application. Access the largest GNUTELLA based p2p community from your cell phone!¬†
  • ¬†Remote - secured web channel to your machine!
    • new protocol
    • new look
    • next generation techs
  • Fame The Platform
    • Coding by convention
    • new plugin based framework designed according to the coding by convention paradigm.
    • Highly configurable
    • eclipse like UI architecture
    • Rails like processing
  • Our Success

We make your ideas the happening.

We implement your ideas. Do you have the one with you? Come forward and share it with us to get your imagination converted into reality. An Idea - the thing which may change the world. It may change the way world operates. It may change the rules of the universe. So why not to take a chance to do so in association with experts.Most of the people have many ideas but not a right direction to follow to make that happening. And this is why we born for. We design the software projects, with and without wires. We have many ideas and many implementations of it. You can have a look at the Projects link to know more about the implementations.

Are you thinking about the technologies? Technology is never barrier for us. We are technologically expert in multi technologies. This is how we implement these ideas. Technology is like a tool to do the job. We know the right tools to be used at right place. But if you have an idea about it, let's us know. Probably we have already used it. To know more about our cutting edge technologies usage, just link to Technologies section. We also provide the software services across the globe. Our Services section describes the services and details.