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Juniors: Huckleberrry Finn

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Realism And Naturalism

Huck Finn Themes

Huck Finn Reading Schedule:  It will be a download at the bottom of this page if you use MS Word.  Otherwise, you can copy what you need on a separate sheet of paper.

Huck Finn Reading Guide Perez 2012/ Lit Circles

Literary Circles Group Signup: Huck Finn

Literary Circles: Huck Finn

Online Audio of Huck Finn can be found at Librivox.org.  here is a link to listen online or download on I-tunes for free!!!!

There are also links to down load the entire book as an mp3 file or as ogg vorbis file (lossless audio)
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Nov 13, 2012, 8:22 PM