Columbia Business School
Telecom Club (2012-2013)

The CBS Telecom Club (WIRE) has been created to foster the integration among telecom related professionals/ companies and Columbia Business School students interested in the industry.

We address telecom from a holistic point of view, interacting not only with “traditional” market players (carriers, device manufacturers, infrastructure), but also with other stakeholders such as investment institutions, service providers, developers etc.
Our main goals are:
  1. Offer complementary expertise in Telecom for CBS students.
  2. Promote the integration between students and telecom-related companies/ professionals.
  3. Connect students with an interest for Telecom
We achieve these goals through 3 main activities:
  • Events: promote events with some of the most influential telecom-related professionals/ companies in the market.
  • Networking: promote integration between professionals and students through networking events/ trips allowing creating a strong bond with CBS community.
  • Placement: facilitate the placement of our members in Telecom-related companies.
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