Is a B ENG Mechatronic Engineer

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Currently employed by EMSS Consulting as a software developer.

Previously Employed by GLS Software with the title of Engineering software developer.

Work on Albion a sophisticated 2D cad product for rendering GIS( geographic information system )

Specific functionality and features I have written.


Thoughts on developing, that attempt to move us forward.

Website and archives of the site I have developed over the years.

CNC 2D Optimization - Masterwood 313 - 2008

Optimization of 2D rectangular grid pattern for position location (drilling/sub program) on a CNC that does not support
a to 2 axis drill command. Read more

One of the biggest limitations is being limited to 999 programs on a stiff and hard disk drive
as well as there being no ability to file programs descriptively or by function they perform. Read more

First developed due to the need of a simple free program that would facilitate the running
and setup of a gala once a year, to provide results, record breakers instantly at the end of a gala.
This being the requirement by Parel Vallei High School for their Inter-house. inter schools meet.
It was then later used to run Grey Dogs Swimming Gala in 2010. Read more

The program function is capture the basic essance of a product, store it and be able to easly
recall the information at in suitable logical format. So that a similar product could be accurately
manufactured,costed with minimal user input in matter of seconds and
eliminating the chance of error. Read more

Outlook Express does not allow for the ability to have roaming profiles, like Microsoft Outlook.
With some minor registry tweaks namely exports/imports of registry files on log on/off,
that can be easily set up in server 2000/2003 or any server software. Read more

This program provides you with a basic manner in which for you to connect to your
TMII (Team Manager 2) database,  through a graphic user interface to compile meet results
of swimming galas into a highly sophisticated HTML document, which would be easy to use
and upload to the Web.. Read more

Muffin is a simplistic death match, free for Half life 1 map, and one of those that you design, so
that it will at least compile so you and your mates can play in your creation. Read more