Many times we try to tackle the huge problem that exists as we teach our students and colleagues how to use all of these great ICT tools that we use daily. The problem is that it is often difficult, if not impossible to type up a list explaining where to go...what to click on, etc. And if you are successful, these directions are often repeated again, and again, and again. We're asked to forward them vis email, phone in with an explanation...or perhaps even look over someone's shoulder and direct them. Using various, FREE tools, (such as the aforementioned Jing) we can create multimodal directions that learners can watch, watch again. Perhaps you can even have students or colleagues view the tutorial BEFORE you explain the tool or interface.

One of these tools is Skitch. Skitch is a FREE tool that you can download and run on Macs, Windows, iOs (iPhone/iPad), and Android devices. You can use it to take screen captures (pictures of anything on your screen) and annotate them if needed. You can then save them online and share them using Skitch or in Evernote. These images can then be pasted into word, powerpoint, emails...whatever. Skitch can be used to create online quizzes, examples of how to log-in to websites, or examples of ICT tool use.

Jing can also grab screencaptures, and annotate...but sometimes I like having the ease of use of Skitch. I also love the way that it integrates into Evernote...and is available across all of my devices.

Screencast on how to use Skitch to capture your screen and annotate an image.