Welcome to Fire and Flame, a fan site dedicated to the Italian TV series Winx Club in all its forms.

Winx Club can be called a "magical girl" series about Bloom, an Earth girl who discovers that she is a fairy and, later, the princess of the destroyed kingdom of Domino.

Fire and Flame aims to be a comprehensive guide to the Winx Club series in its many forms. The site will mainly follow the RAI English dub, which was, for the most part, based directly on the original Italian version of the series.

The site will be updated often and will continue to grow, so make sure to check back often and follow us on Twitter for updates and news!

Anyway questions, suggestions, or other comments can be sent to the site email (see the Contact Me button) or on our site chat box.

- Site owner Kat :)

12/3/12: DVD Campaign is fully launched! Check out its page for details!
8/29/12: News/Article: The End of Cinélume
8/19/12: DVD Campaign 2012 page added
7/16/12: Added lyrics for the new Sirenix transformation (with video in case you haven't heard it)
7/12/12: New Review added: JAKKS Pacific Dolls 2012 by Angela
7/11/12: New Page: You Know You're Obsessed With Winx Club When...; Believix JAKKS Pacific page added to the Shopping Guide
1/20/12: Interview with author Michael Steele

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