Secrets Of The Dark Castle

Chapter 1 Thoughts That Never Came To Mind 

Bloom and Stella were walking down the corridors of Red Fountain.It was 3:45pm and Sky and Brandon had invited the both for a little sleepover since the rest of the boys were out for they're simester break.The two girls reached Sky and Brandon's room and gently knocked.Brandon had answered the door.They first had dinner at the Red Fountain dining room.After dinner they went upstairs to the boys' room.They got into they're P.J.'s and before you knew it they were having a pillow fight.A few minutes later, they sat on the rug and started talking.Stella sudgested to play truth or dare.They strated playing and of corse,Stella went first

"Okay,Brandon Truth or Dare?" said Stella.
"Dare, said Brandon.
 " I dare you to go up to Kodatorta and ask if you could rangle a dragon," Said Stella.
 "Ummmm...can I pick truth then?" asked Brandon.
 "Have you ever thought I would brake up with you the moment I found out you weren't a prince?" Asked Stella.
"Of coarse not, I trust you," saud Brandon. 
"Liar," giggled Stella.
"It's your turn Bloom," said Sky. 
"Ok ,Stella Truth or Dare?" asked Bloom
"Truth," said Stela.
"What is the most craziest thing you've done for your hair?" asked Bloom while they two guys giggled.
"Ummm....... lets just say that it involved a party and 50 people from the Solarian Palace," said Stella while they all laughed.
"Brandon your turn," said Stella
"Ok........Sky Truth or Dare?"
"Truth," said Sky.
Brandon was hoping for a dare.But then it hit him, the perfect question.

"Have you ever told the girls how exactly you me Diaspro?" asked Brandon.

Suddenly a thought cam into Bloom's mind.She never actually considered how Sky met Diaspro.
"Well..I haven't really," said Sky.
"Well then now's your chance," said Bloom.
Chapter 2 Unlucky CellPhone
It was a lovely day at The Erakylon Palace,Prince Sky and his Squire, Brandon, Were having a game of joust.Suddenly a beutiful blonde girl walked into the room wearing a ruffled red dress, Beside her were what looked like her parents and Pince Sky's parents as well.

"Good Afternoon son,hello Brandon," said The King of Eraklyon
"Good Afternoon your Highness," said Brandon
"Hello Father," said Sky, "And Who is this?" he asked
"Son, She is your Fiance," said The Queen of Eraklyon
"M..My Fiance?" asked The Shocked Prince

Suddenly a cell phone rang,
"Hey Bloom,Isn't that you phone?" asked Stella
"Oh yeah..." "It's a text from Musa, she said there's an emergency at Alfea and we need to get there as soon as possible," said Bloom
"Sorry guys, we gotta go," said Stella 

Bloom waved and Stella gave Brandon a kiss on the cheek,They transfromed into their Believix and used their Zoomix wings to teleport back to Alfea.
When they got there, there was a huge monster destroying everything, all of the first year fairies were terrified.

The Winx transformed. Flora,Musa and Tecna helped all of the students out of the building safely. Bloom,Stella and Layla tried to get the monster off the building.
After about thirty minutes, everything was fine again.All the teachers and the Winx used a spell to revive the building.
The Winx were in they're rooms and suddenly Flora spoke.

"How was the sleepover?" asked Flora
"Oh it was fine," said Stella
"Sky was gonna tell us about him and Diaspro," said Bloom
"The why don't you call him an find the rest of the story out," said Musa

Hmm... call him,It was so crazy it just might've worked. Bloom had called Sky and asked about the rest of the story.

"Maybe its best not to tell you," said Sky.

Bloom didn't want to nag Sky ......she thought about it and an Idea poped in her head

"Fine if you won't tell me then I know someone who just might will," said Bloom
Chapter 3 Unexpected News
Bloom hung up the phone after speaking to Sky.

"Stella,We have to take a visit to an old friend," said Bloom.
"Oh Bloom you don't mean.....,"said Stella.
"Yeah,were taking a little trip to visit Diaspro," said Bloom.
"Ugh!But why do we need to see her??"asked Stella.
"Because I need to find out the rest of the story and since Sky won't tell me,I gotta figure it out myself!"exclaimed Bloom.
"Oh fine I'll get the rest of the girls," whined Stella.

"Okay so we all know the plan,later tonight when everyone's asleep we take the barrier buster and Timmy will get us to where Diaspro's suposed to be," said Bloom.
"How did you get Timmy to get us there?"asked Layla.
"Well,I sorta had Tecna beg," said Bloom.

It struck midnight and all the girls got up,they all knew what to do. They sneaked out of the dark and empty hallways and go outside,they activated the barrier buster,Timmy was there and he was well and ready.

"Good evening Timmy," said Tecna.
"Hey Tecna," said Timmy.
"Do you know where were going?" asked Bloom
"Well it's said here that after Diaspro put that spell on Sky she was banished from Eraklyon and now lives in ummmmmm actually she lives far north in Magix now,"said Tecna.
"MAGIX?!"exclaimed Bloom.
"So she was here all alog??"asked Stella.
"Well it says here," said Tecna
"Okay let's go and we should be quick,"said Flora

It was an hour ride from Alfea to the very north of Magix.Musa was playing her flute,Flora was reading a nature magazine,Layla was playing a surfing game,Stella was flipping through her hologram closet,Tecna was helping Timmy Pilot the ship and Bloom was sitting there,thinking of what she'd say to Diaspro when they got there.
It was time,they were here,outside the gates of Diaspro's palace. Outside was a man who looked like Diaspro's butler.

"Hi,we came to see Diaspro,we're her old friends," said Bloom.
"I am terribly sorry miss but the truth is,Princess Diaspro is missing,"said the butler.
Chapter 4 The Mission
"When you say " Princess Diaspro Is missing," you do mean that she is on vacation or something like that right?" asked Stella.
"I'm sorry but I do mean she is gone,She has been missing for 3 days now and everyone who tried to rescue her has also suddenly disappeared,"said The Butler.
"How do you think she got kidnapped?" asked Tecna.
"She was last seen in her bedroom reading the new issue of teen fairy,after a couple of hours,the maid went to give her her dinner and she was missing," said The Butler.
"Has anyone else tried to look for her?"asked Bloom.
"Everyone is very scared to try to rescue her as the other ones who have banished," said The Butler in a face as if he was Diaspro's dad.
"Oh well okay,we'll just be going then,"said Bloom

They said good bye to the very worried Butler.They all got into the ship with very confused looking faces.

"Bloom I know that look in you face," said Layla.
"Well?I don't care how much I hate her...I know that we have to at least try to rescue her.... not just sit around and pretend this night has never happend,"said Bloom.
"Well what do you want us to do?!You heard the butler, eveyrone who tried to rescue her banished!"excliamed Stella.
"Look Stella, I know I have to try,"said Bloom

Stella thought for a moment,twirling her hair with one finger.

"Gosh Bloom I don't know how you talk me into these things,"said Stella.

"Hate to brake the conversation girls but there's 10 minutes until you classes start,"said Timmy

Timmy dropped the girls off at Alfea and gave Tecna a quick kiss on the cheek.After that he went straight to Red Fountain. After class,the girls went to Faragonda's office to tell her about their mission.

"Are you sure you girls want to do it?" asked Faragonda.
"Yes Miss F. we're sure,"said the girls.
"Okay then,you may go on your mission,you have two weeks to return to Alfea and start teaching again ...and you also must take Roxy with you,"said Faragonda
"Okay Miss F.," said Bloom

Bloom's phone rang.

"I have to take this,Go give Roxy a call and tell her about our mission and where we'll pick her up,"said Bloom

All the girls nodded.Bloom headed for their room and answered her phone.

"Hello,"said Bloom
"It's Sky,"said Sky
"Oh hey..what's up?" asked Bloom
"Why didn't you tell me about Diaspro?!" asked Sky reasonably.
"Well....How did you know??"asked Bloom
"Timmy told,"said Sky,calming down.
"Well The girls and I wont be back for 2 weeks,"said Bloom
"And neither us guys," said Sky
"Where are you going?" asked Bloom
"With you,"said Sky
"What do you mean?"asked Bloom
"We're going on the mission ,and face it you wanted us to come,"said Sky
"You mean you asked Codatorta and everything?"asked Bloom
"Maybe even before you girls," said Sky
"Well okay then,I'll tell the girls,"said Bloom
Chapter 5 There's No Turning Back
Bloom hung up the phone and thought about the adventure.

"Well,I guess there's no turning back now," sighed Bloom.

She passed the narrow hallways of Alfea and started looking for the other girls.

"Hey guess what? The guys are coming," said Bloom in a half happy voice.
"Well at least were not alone," said Stella.

"Okay Kiko were goanna leave you and the pixies in charge of the other pets while were gone, okay?" said Bloom

Kiko nodded happily and gave Bloom a hug.
"Bye Bloom,"said Lockette.
"Be careful,"she said.

"Are the guys picking us up?" asked Flora

Suddenly a red ship whooshed outside the Alfea gates.

"Well, I guess that would be a yes,"said Musa
"It's too bad Nabu can't come,he has to deal with something back home at Tides,"said Layla in a some-what sad voice.
"Don't worry Layla we're all still here,"said Tecna

The doors of the red ship opened.
"You guys ready?" asked Brandon
"Yeah were all set shnuckums,"said Stella

Faragonda came out one of the doors of Alfea.

"Hey Miss F.,"said Musa
"Girls I have some news about Diaspro,"said Miss Faragonda
"What is it Miss Faragonda?"asked Flora
"Many people in the Eraklyon Court think that Diaspro might have been taken to the dark realm of Nalix,"said Miss Faragonda.
"Ugh why are there so much dark realms in the world?"asked Stella
"Why would they think that?"asked Sky.
"Because Sky,Very deep in the realm of Nalix are secret ancient stones,these stones have the power to awaken any evil,Past or present,"said Miss Faragonda
"Why would they want Diaspro then?"asked Bloom
"It is because the only power that can awaken the ancient is Diaspro's power.......and The Believix of Music,Technology,Morfix,Nature,The Sun And The Moon but most of all The Dragon Fire,"said Miss Faragonda.
"So is it possible they might be after us next?"asked Layla
"Yes,My Dear,"said Faragonda

The girls were all in shock. But they all knew there's no turning back.

"It is very good that the Specialists are coming with you,They will help you in your mission and your chance of surviving,But be warned,once whoever may have kidnapped Diaspro gets their hands on you girls,you magic may be gone forever,"said Miss Faragonda

They girls looked around and saw Roxy's face. She looked terribly frightened.But Bloom knew she wouldn't back out.

"Okay Miss F.,now we're ready for whatever hits us,"said Bloom
"We better go because we're in for a long ride,"said Timmy.
"Good Luck girls,Oh and here is something to keep in contact with me,"said Miss Faragonda

She handed them a hollagram phone.

Miss Faragonda Thought In her Mind.Godd Luck Girls..
Chapter 6 Stranded
"Okay,we've been driving 2 hours straight,Put it on auto pilot Tec,"said Timmy
"Okay,"said Tecna

Everyone was quiet and looked quite bored.Layla kept trying to message in with Nabu but nothing would work.

"How much time do you think it would take until we get to the walking distance Tecna?"asked Musa
"Well.... About 2 more hours,"said Tecna

Everyone Moaned.It was thunder storming outside and the thunder was very dangerous. They were near very high and dark mountains,as they passed through them,the girls felt a powerful
drain of Winx.

"Whoa,what was that?"asked Bloom
"According to my research,we are very near the Baliex Mountains which causes a major power drain,"said Tecna
"This book also says that we won't probably be able to transform for 3 hours,"she said.

Bloom noticed that Sky wasn't in the room of the ship anymore. She asked Timmy if he knew where he went.

"I just asked him to go look into the ship's power source,"said Timmy
"Oh okay thanks,"said Bloom looking relieved.

Two more hours past and they finally reached the walking distance to the dark realm of Nalix.

"So how long do we have to walk?"asked Layla
"Only a couple of hours,"said Sky

There were high and tall mountains ahead,everyone didn't want to start hiking,but they all knew they have too.

"Ok here goes nothing,"said Bloom

They started hiking.A couple of hours later,they saw a cave and decided to take a brake.

"Where are we now?"asked Musa
"Hmm.. We were here a couple of minutes ago then we headed east,Oh my,I have no idea where we are!"said Tecna
"What do you mean by that??"asked Stella
"I have no idea where we are this map is mixed up!"said Tecna
"Are you saying we're lost?"asked Bloom
"Oh you get the point,"said Musa
"So how do you girls think we're going to find where we're supposed to be now?"asked Riven

Everyone was frustrated. They've been hiking for an hour straight,they were lost and they didn't know which way it was back to the ship.

"I know were lost and all but we can't give up,"said Bloom
"I know,I'll ask the voice of nature where we are,"said Flora

Flora transformed and started.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The voice of nature doesn't know,"said Flora
"But,how is that even true?" asked Bloom.

"The trees said when they were just little seeds,they were planted here and was left,"said Flora sadly
"So we're officially stranded,"said Sky
Chapter 7 Two Powerful Spells, One Day
Everyone (as you could see in their faces) was terribly bored,annoyed and a bit scared.They didnt know where they were,They had nothing to eat and they were sitting down in a cave,feeling like all hope was lost.
"We've got to find a way outta here,"said Musa
"Well then how do you want to get out of here?"asked Riven
"Uggh!!"said Musa
"Hey remember that class we took just a few months before we graduated?"asked Bloom
"You know,the one in Professor Avalon's class,when he taught us how to use our Winx to navigate enviroments?Sort of like when we become a compass,"she said
"But we're super low on Winx,"said Stella
"What if we use convergence?"sudgested Flora
"It might work,but it will be all the power we have for the next few hours,"
"Don't worry,we got you back,"said The Specialists
"Okay then lets do this thing,"said Musa
"I dont have to help right?"asked Roxy
"No,You don't,just stay here with the guys,"said Bloom
"I'll take a scan of the compass thing to my digital map so we can have it on-hand if we ever get lost again,"said Timmy
The Winx Transformed into their Believix and chanted a spell.
~Lotheus Nothrus Levilatus Campassius~
Suddenly a big enchanted arrow pointed to the directions of the deep forests.Timmy quickly analyzed the power to his didgital map.The girls dropped to the floor,Hands on their knees and taking deep breaths.
"So did you get the scan Timmy?asked Tecna
"Sure did,"said Timmy,"We're off to the deep forests,"he said
"Thank goodness we took that class and actually paid attention,"said Stella
They started walking into the forests.While they were walking,they saw a flash of black right before their eyes.
"Did you guys see that?"asked Musa
"What if it was a monster?"said Flora sounding scared
"Well I hope not,"said Bloom nervously
Suddenly,A big and hideous monster popped out of nowhere and started attacking them.
"Oh my gosh!!!Help!!!!!!!"screamed Stella as another monster was getting ready for a bite.
But luckily,Brandon ran in at the right time and saved Stella.
"Uhh I think its not over yet,"said Tecna as another batch of monsters started heading their way.
"Oh if only we had our Winx,"said Bloom
"Well,You don't but I do,"said Roxy who has been awfully quiet the whole trip.
Roxy Transformed
"Okay what do you want me to do?"asked Roxy
"Okay umm try this spell,Its really powerfull so you have to concentrate,"said Bloom 
"Say, Cromainlus Leivatus Sonlaivus Maximiliux,"said Bloom
Roxy began to chant.She focused with all her might.
~Cromainlus Leivatus Sonlaivus Maximiliux~
A burst of green energy covered one third of the forests.All of the monsters were gone.
"Yay Roxy!!!!"screamed Stella
"Omigosh you really helped!"said Flora
"I knew you could do it!,"said Bloom
They continued walking and with luck,They didn't encounter any more monsters.
"Hey,according to my map there's a beach nearby,"said Tecna
"Great!,We can camp on the bech like we did that time Faragonda sent us for a vacation!"said Flora
"Excuse Me?"asked Helia
"Oh yeah,You weren't there Helia.....,"said Bloom
They kept walking until they saw the beach,when they got there,everyone was relieved that the walk was over.
"What's in that mini toolbox thingy again Sky?"asked Bloom
"There are tents and sleeping bags in here,"he replied
"Perfect!"said Stella
"Okay so Stella and I will share a tent,"said Bloom
"I'll share a tent with Layla,"said Musa
"So I Guess it's me and Tecna,"said Flora
On The Other Side Of The Beach...................
"Me and Sky,"said Brandon
"I'll go with Helia,"said Nabu
"Okay the Me and Riven,"said Timmy
The girls got into theyre beach outfits (Thanks to Stella's portable hollagram closet)
and started playing volleyball.To all the guys surprise,Timmy had a hollagram lava bike system wich allowed them to take theyre lava bikes from any place and transport them to where they were.So the girls were playing vollyeball and the guys were riding lava bikes on the water,Everyone seemed to be enjoying theyre little break....
Chapter 8  Bloom's Dream
Everyone was now satisfied.With the little bit of magic they had left,they used it to make a couple of twigs and peices of strings (which they found on the beach)into several fishing ropes.They tried to fish and luckily,They caught 2 fish suitable for roasting and eating.No one (except Bloom)knew how to start a camp fire because they would normally use magic.Luckily,Bloom went camping 5 or 6 time so she taught them how to.By the end of the day,They all had roasted fish on the end of their twigs,gathered around the campfire and chatting.
"Well this was a fun day,"said Stella
"Well you know,we're gonna have to start looking for Diaspro again,"said Flora
"And at the same time,keep ourselves from getting taken away too,"said Musa
Bloom wasn't aroung the campfire.She was at a dock (which was surprisingly at the beach) on the beach,She was sitting dow,sandals off her feet,feet dipped in water and lost in the clouds daydreaming. At the campfire,Sky noticed that Bloom was at the dock,He went to go see what was on her mind.
"You okay?"asked Sky
"Well.......,"said Bloom
"What's on your mind?"asked Sky
"What if this whole journey gets tougher?What if in the end,we all get captured and who knows what evil will be realesed,"she said
"Don't worry about it,No matter what we go though,We'll always go through it together,Ask anyone there around the campfire,Wich is exactly where you should be,"said Sky
Sky held Bloom by her hand and pulled her up. They started walking together towards the campfire.
It got later into the night,Everyone was now at their tents,sleeping.
"Bloom,I know where you and your friends are,"said a very familiar voice
"Da..Daphne..Is that you?"asked Bloom
"Of coarse it's me,sweet little sister,"said Daphne.
"Listen Bloom,The reason I came to your dream is because I know important things I need to share with you,and it involves you mission,"said Daphne in a serious voice
"Okay,Well what is it?"asked Bloom
"There is a wizard named Ganvoues and he has and intention to bring back the four past evil of the magic dimension,"said Daphne
"What do you mean?"asked Bloom
"He wants to bring The Ancestor Witches,The Trix,Lord Darkar,Baltor and The Wizards Of The Black Circle back to life to destroy Magix for good,"said Daphne
"Their intention is to destroy The Winx,But most importantly You and Roxy,"said Daphne
"But why me and Roxy?"asked Bloom
"Oh dear sister,I wish to answer all of your questions,but my time is running out,I must go back to the depths of the lake,But worry not dear sister,I will be back,"said Daphne as her voice started to fade away.
Bloom woke up in shock.It was early in the morning.Stella was still fast asleep.She peeked out of the tent and saw Sky,he was throwing pebbles.Bloom got up,put on her sweater and started walking towards him.
"Hey,"she said
"Oh,Hey,"said Sky
"What's Up?"said Bloom
"Well...I can't sleep,"said Sky
"I had a dream,"said Bloom.
Sky gently dropped the pebble he was holding.
"What was it about?"asked Sky
"Daphne came to me,and she told me know,About the mission,"said Bloom
"What'd she say?"he asked,eager to know more
Bloom told Sky about her dream,She barely left out a single detail.
"Idon't get it...Why Roxy and you?,"asked Sky
"I don't know.....I mean, That was the last thing I asked her before she dissapeared,"said Bloom


There was silence, awkward silence for a couple of minutes.

"Well, I honestly don't know what  to do,"said Bloom
"Wait 'til the morning and ask the others,"said Sky
They started walking away back into theyre tents
Chapter 9 Lake Rock
It was early in the morning and everyone (besides Bloom) was outside near the water and having tea on a picnic cloth.Bloom suddenly walked out of her tent and started walking towards the others.
"Mornin',"said Stella
"Hey,"yawned Bloom
She took her seat beside Sky and poures some tea into her cup and took a sip.
"I got some info. 'bout our mission,"said Bloom
"What is it?"asked Musa
"Well,Daphne came to me in a dream,She told me there is a wizard named Ganvoues and he wants to bring back The Ancestor Witches,The Trix,Lord Darkar,Baltor and The Wizards Of The Black Circle,"said Bloom
"She also said that his target is mainly me and Roxy,"she continued
"Do you know why it's you and Roxy?" asked Tecna
"Well...No, I tried to ask her but she dissapeared,"said Bloom
"I HAD THE SAME DREAM!!"Roxy blurted out
"Omigosh what?!"said Stella
Ummm.......Okay, what did the person in your dream look like?"asked Tecna
"Uh...Um.....She had long dark brown hair,she was wearing a green dress and she was a fairy,"said Roxy unsurely
"So,she wasn't Daphne?"said Musa in a confused voice
Everyone was now confused.They all needed answers.Why did Roxy and Bloom have the same dream?
"Bloom,Why don't you go back to Lake Rock with Roxy and ask Daphne?"sudgested Layla
"But we've gone this far,"Bloom replied
"Don't worry, I bet it would take less then a day for you guys to get back,"said Musa
After that, everyone went back to theyre tents and stayed there for a couple of hours.It was getting dark, so Bloom called Roxy to get ready.
"Here Bloom,"said Tecna while handing Bloom shing yellow dust,"When you're ready to get back to us,Sprinkle this dust on your wings and Roxy's,Your wings will directly lead you back to us,"Tecna continued
"And these are some magical weed,They will help you breathe underwater,"said Flora as she handed them weed.
Bloom and Roxy Gave The Girls A Group Hug.Bloom Walked Over To Sky And Gave Him A Kiss.After That,She And Roxy Took Of To Get To lake Rock.


Chapter 10 Questions Finally Answered


Bloom and Roxy were halfway to Lake Rock.They decided they would not stop until they got there to make the trip shorter rather than stopping and waiting another 12 hours.The rest of The Winx and The Specialists were hiking through the mountains. Flora noticed a small cave that looked like it lead somewhere.They decided to take that way and see where it got them.


"Okay, I think we can stop here and take a break,"said Layla who was extremely tired.


They stopped and each of them took a seat.


"I wonder where Bloom and Roxy are,"said Stella

"Well, by my calculations, they should be halfway to Lake Rock right about now,"said Tecna


The rest of them were too tired to speak.It was dead silence for the rest of the night.


A few hours later Bloom and Roxy Could practically see Lake Rock from where they were flying,Bloom also saw Alfea.She missed it there terribly.She thought of the good times she and The Winx had.She wished she could go back in time and re-live those momments once again.


"Is that the Lake?"asked Roxy

"Oh, Yeah,"said Bloom as they started flying down.


They transfromed back into theyre normal selves.Bloom took out the seaweed and handed one to Roxy.They started eating the seaweed and went in the water.Bloom knew the way to Daphne's cave.She remembered from here last dream where she went to Lake Rock.Suddenly , Bloom told Roxy to stop walking, They were there.


"Daphne?"said Bloom


Suddenly, A flash or yellow light appeared. Daphne came.


"Woah,"said Roxy


Bloom walked up to Daphne and gave her a hug.


"Hello,Little Sister and Roxy,"said Daphne

"How do you know Roxy?"said Bloom

"There's no time for explinations, I know you have come here to ask questions, and  I have the answers,"said Daphne

"You must go back to the forests, There is a cave you must then enter,It will lead you to the castle of dark spirits, In the heart of the castle is where you will find Ganvoues he has Diaspro in a cell and is awaiting for you,The only way you will stop him is by trapping him in a dark and powerful box, wich contains all the dark spirits of the magical dimension, If het gets his hand on you and your friends, he will take your Believix stone and relive all of the past evil,you have to be careful,"Daphne continued

"What is a Believix stone?"asked Roxy

"A Believix stone contains all of the Believix power you have, If this is taken away from you, you will lose all of your magical abbility,"said Daphne

"Now go, you must hurry, because time is running out,"said Daphne


Bloom and Roxy nodded and swam back to the surface.When they got there, they transfromed into theyre Believix and sprinkled the magical dust Tecna gave them.They started heading towards the mountains, exactly where the others were.


"We're back,"said Bloom