Welcome to the LotRO Character Log!


To download the file visit the page that suits your Office program. LotRO CL xl for Microsoft Office, LotRO CL ods for Open or Libre Office. (see Navigation pane on left and click the down arrow on deeds if they are not showing.)

*NOTE* All files downloaded from this site are in zipped format. You will need to unzip the folder and open the file from the unzipped folder. Opening the file from the zipped folder will be READ ONLY. Also, for both file extension types, you will need to enable the macros to run for the file to function as intended.


1. What is LotRO Character Log? 

It is a spreadsheet based file that contains most every deed currently available in the Standing Stone Games, Lord of the Rings Online. The file also has limted support for the quests of the game.

2. What program(s) will it function in?

a) Microsoft Excel and possibly the full version of Kingsoft Office for the .xlsm extension version.
b) Open Office or Libre Office for the .ods extension version.

3. Who can use it?

Anyone that plays the game is free to use it. There is an XLSM and ODS version of the file, so choose the one that suits your office software.

4. How often is the file updated?

It depends mainly on game updates and user feedback. If the game updates make deed changes or users point out any errors in the file then an update will be issued. Check here periodically for updates or the official game forums posting about this file.

5. Is updating the file easy?

Yes, if you keep your copy of the file current with the current release version. There is a built in array that performs the automatic copy/paste function in the file. This array will change from time to time if rows are added or removed from sheets containing deed data. When this happens we will place a note in our patch notes as to how far back in older versions the newer version can support.

6. What is the primary purpose of this file?

The file in the simplest of terms is a tool to make the deeds and quests aspect of the game easier to manage. You can record deed and quest information for up to 10 different characters. This will give you a way to look your characters over quickly to decide which character needs to work on a particular set of deeds or quests without the need of logging into each one individually and digging through the in-game deed log or quest log.

7. Is my data put into the file automatically?

No, you will need to manually enter the data for all your characters you wish to record deeds and quests for, and you will need to manually maintain it. All deed and quest information in game is saved to the game servers and there is no way to link to it to make it function automatically.

8. I skipped an update to the file, will that be an issue?

As stated in question 6, if the array for the copy/paste function is adjusted to a point where the cells wont copy/paste to the newest version from your version then you will have to manually copy/paste data. I will keep download versions of only the newest version of the file linked on their respective download page on this site, so there wont be any confusion over which file is the current one. Older versions of the file are linked on the bottom of this page.

9. Is the file free?

Yes. I am not compensated in any way for making these files available to the community. Bear in mind though that it took a lot of hard work and a lot of time to get this file where it is currently.

10. How do I submit a bug report or make a change request for the file?

Visit the Facebook page linked below or post a reply to the posting on the game forums (linked in question 4). If you play on Landroval feel free to send me an in-game mail or a /tell if I am online. On that note, I take to heart to comments and suggestions from users of the file kindly. However, if a user wishes make rude demands on the creator of this file they would fare better talking to their chair, because I wont be listening. I am not paid for this and don't have to put up with it.

11. I use the file, and notice some deeds in my game log are not in the file, why?

This file will never match the game deed log 100%. All deeds will be verified (eventually) as to their completion ability by all characters, 100% of the time. The end goal is for the file to only contain deeds that every character, on any account type, can complete. Any deeds associated with 1 time events, expansion pre-orders, or deeds/quests removed due to an area revamp by the developers will eventually make their way out of the file (if they are currently in it).

Have questions or comments and not sure how to reach me?

If you play on Landroval server the characters I play there can be located here
[send an in-game mail to any of them]