Department of Philosophy  
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
Slippery Rock, PA

After transferring from Diablo Valley and Butte Community Colleges in California, I attended California State University Chico as an undergraduate where I also completed my Certificate in Teaching Critical Thinking and Logic. I then completed an MA in Philosophy and Religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and an MA in Philosophy at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I have recently defended my doctoral dissertation "A Natural Case for Realism: Processes, Structures, and Laws" under the direction of Douglas Jesseph and Alexander Levine. In my dissertation I argue that an ontic structural realist should be a realist about laws, but only within a process framework. 

I am now an Instructor in the Philosophy Department at Slippery Rock University of Philosophy, where I teach Medical / Health Care Ethics, Philosophy of Natural Sciences, Introduction to Philosophy. I also coach the Ethics Bowl Team.   

My main areas of specialization are metaphysics and the philosophy of science, and I have a broad range of interests in these fields. In addition to general issues in metaphysics and philosophy of science (e.g., laws of nature, causation, events, time, structures, explanation, natural kinds, and naturalism) I have particular interests in process metaphysics, structural realism, and methodology. These interests have also allowed me to do research in the philosophies of mathematics and biology. 

In addition to my research in my areas of specialization, I also think about issues in philosophy of religion, history of philosophy (esp. Aristotle, Hume, and logical positivism), and pedagogy. 

My extensive experience in teaching ethics courses has also allowed me to develop a personal interest in virtue ethics and Stoicism as applied to contemporary issues.

Please see my CV for a more detailed account of my research and teaching.