PH 09 - Kitchen Scrubbies

Day/Time: Thursday 8:00 PM

Teacher: Paula McKinlay

Skill Level: All, but need to know how to crochet

Pattern Fee: FREE

Kit Fee: $4.00 without hook

$6.00 with hook


A sad, but true fact is that we all do dishes . . . but why not make it a colorful and fun chore. . . come spend a quick hour with me and make these net scrubbies . . . They are addicting . . . "bet you can't make just one" . . . I try and keep a stack of them on hand for a quick shower gift or last minute gift.

Supplies Needed:

  • Size N Crochet Hook
  • (7) 2 1/2" strips of netting
  • A knowledge of crocheting

Yup, that's all!