02 - The Big Easy

Day/Time: Tuesday 1:00 PM
Teacher: Bonnie Miles

Skill Level: All
Finished Size: Depends on what you you want to make!
Pattern Fee: $1.00

Do you have a drawer full of scraps?  Do you have left-over charm packs?  Do you need a "Quick and Easy" project for a gift?  Do you want to actually FINISH a project while you're at the Retreat?  Are you a beginning quilter?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, this would be the class for you.  It's perfect for scrappy, or coordinates, or flannel, or "I Spy", or Kaffe Fasset prints, holiday specialties, or the cutest baby fabrics - do you get the idea?  Lots of tips and hints in this class as well.

This is always a fun - and inexpensive - class to start off the Retreat week.

Fabric Requirements:

Dark flannel quilt used 120 5" squares of assorted mid-dark flannels - Twin Size

Bright floral quilt used (80) 5" squares of assorted light-medium prints - Lap size

If you want a larger quilt - you should plan on up to 200 squares.

Border - Your choice - but usually 1 1/2 yards for 8" wide border.

Lattice Strips - You may choose a dark or even light contrasting strips to highlight your choice of squares.  For either, you will need:  3/4 yard for small quilt and 1 yard for twin quilt.

NOTE:  You may choose to use 6" or even 4" squares in your quilt instead of 5".  The 5" squares were used because that is what came in the Charm Pack.  You can use scraps instead, of course.

Basic Sewing Kit
Rotary Cutting Equipment
12" square ruler or 9 1/2" square ruler
6" x 12" for cutting blocks