Square 1 Art


Square 1 Art is here.....

Each child received a custom catalog showcasing the art piece that they created with Mrs. Fontana encompassing the principles of art during the month of October.  Catalogs went home on Tuesday, November 15th via backpack and every child received a FREE set of "Squickers" with their very own art piece portrayed.  Parents have the opportunity to purchase quality products as special momentos, gifts and keepsakes with their child's art on it.  

Order forms  MUST be turned in no later than MONDAY, November 21st. Products are scheduled to be delivered in mid-December so that they are here in time for the holidays.  In order to ensure that we receive our products in time for the holidays, NO LATE ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Your order form must be turned in on Monday, November 21st because the order forms are being shipped out to Square 1 on Tuesday morning.  Any order forms that come in late will be returned.  Please make sure that you turn your form in on time so that you and your child will not be disappointed.  Please make checks payable to Winterpock PTA.

All proceeds from this PTA FUNdraiser will be used to support our school and the Art Department.  Take a look at these great products and just think about the fantastic holiday gifts you can give to family members.  Ornaments are available too!  

Questions regarding the Square 1 Art Fundraiser should be directed to Maria Cox, PTA President at mcox303@gmail.com.

DID YOU MISS THE DEADLINE?  INTERESTED IN LEARNING HOW YOU CAN STILL ORDER SQUARE 1 ART PRODUCTS?   Visit Square 1 Art online and download a Retail Order Kit or call 888-332-3294. Orders cannot be made online.  Products will not be included in the Winterpock fundraiser and will NOT be shipped in time for Christmas.  Processing time is 4-6 weeks according to their website.  Prices may vary from our fundraiser prices and shipping rates will be standard shipping, not the flat $3.00 fee.  Your products will be shipped to your home and will be your own responsibility.  This is not part of the school fundraiser so we accept no liability for inaccurate orders, delayed shipment or damaged items.