Winter school on p-adic Hodge theory

Theme: Breuil-Mezard conjecture for GL_2
When: January 12 (Mon), 2015 ~ January 16 (Fri), 2015
Where: KIAS, Rm. 1503


    Naoki Imai (University of Tokyo) 
            The p-adic and mod p local Langlands correspondence for GL(2,Q_p)
    Stefano Morra (University of Toronto)
            Global patching and the Breuil-Mézard conjecture for GL(2,Q_p)

    Yoshiyasu Ozeki (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences)
            Background and general introduction to the Breuil-Mezard conjecture
    Chol Park (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics) 
            Pseudo-representations, Local deformation theory, 
               from pseudo-representations to representations

    Seidai Yasuda (Osaka University)
             Outlines: Kisin's proof of the Breuil-Mezard conjecture

      Banquet: 2015/01/16 Fri. dinner 

Local information

       Sunghan Bae (KAIST)
       Dohoon Choi (KAU)
       Youn-seo Choi (KIAS)
       Shin Hattori (Kyushu U.)
       Yuichiro Taguchi (Kyushu U.)

                                                                                 Hosted by  ASARC (KAIST) & KIAS