Vision Statement

To be a Vibrant and Unique General Aviation Facility. 

Mission Statement
The Winter Haven Regional Airport is a General Aviation Facility that embraces safety, quality, growth, and diversity; creating an environment that supports prosperity through collaborative efforts of the public and private sectors; thus, a great place to work and play.

Core Values

Strive to provide, operate, maintain, and develop top facilities to serve the public with the highest levels of safety, convenience, efficiency, and customer service.

Strive to provide leadership and support in civic and business matters affecting the airport.

Strive to develop an environment in which the community can work together to enhance growth, well-being, and economic development.

Leverage the airport as an economic engine and increase its economic impacts on the community.

Provide the community at large with opportunities to participate in activities at the airport.

Participate in meetings, events, and conferences to promote the airport; inform and update the public on topics related to airport.

Strive to be self-sustaining; operating and developing the airport efficiently and effectively.

Strive to diversify revenue sources while expanding services and facilities provided to the public.

Strive to maximize federal and state grants available under aviation programs for airport development.

Strive to be a friendly business environment.